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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: Actress Is Worried About Her Career

The superstar Boyfriend is rumored to be paying the rent for the home where the actress is staying with her parents. They were rumored to have broken up due to immense pressure from the superstar's ex-wife but looks like the superstar couldn't stay away from her.

Blind Item

This actress mostly makes the news for her high-profile affair with a much older superstar. After years of denying the affair, gossip mills started working overtime the day the superstar announced his separation from his wife. It was rumored that this actress was the reason. Our sources inform us that she is not the only one with whom he cheated on his wife. As per the latest rumors, the actress has been worried about her career lately. She was supposed to star in the Hindi remake of a hit South Indian movie which dealt with a sensitive topic. Sadly for her, the project has been shelved. Her beau too is barely taking up any projects & is not casting her in any of his movies. She must be hoping that he casts her in the biopic that is in the pre-production phase & stars him in the lead role. It must hurt to see her BFF actress have a thriving career, while her projects are getting shelved.

Our Guess

Actress: Fatima Sana Shaikh
Superstar: Aamir
Shelved Movie: Aruvi remake
Bff: Sanya Malhotra