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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: Star Kid's Project Was Rejected By Streaming Giant

A star kid actress is rumored to be crazy about the star kid mentioned in the blind item. It is rumored that her mother too is hoping to get married to the son of the superstar, who will inherit a fortune worth thousands of crores. There were rumors that his brother is infact his son!

Blind Item

He is the son of a top Bollywood star, who has been an A-lister for more than 2 decades. While he was expected to follow his father's footsteps & make his acting debut, he made a smart choice - he chose to become a showrunner ie creator instead. Sadly, for him, he gained notoriety for getting caught in a drug bust. As per sources, he approached a streaming giant for a show which was based on a fan of a Hollywood thriller. But the streaming giant shot him down, as they felt that he was too young & inexperienced to helm a show of that scale. It will be interesting to see how his career as a filmmaker/web series creator turns out. He will definitely be saving himself from the immense pressure, unending comparisons & baggage that comes with being the son of a top superstar by avoiding a career as an actor.

Our guess
Star kid: Aryan Khan