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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed : Superstar's PR Gimmicks


Since her spectacular Bollywood debut in 2007, the actress has established herself as one of the most prominent figures in contemporary Indian cinema. She has evolved from a young starlet to a brilliant actress who can easily segue between genres and characters of varied colours during the course of a successful career that has seen its fair share of ups and downs. She's also given us a number of unforgettable, award-winning performances in well-received films.the female superstar recently posted about being asked to get some enhancements. That too came across as a PR gimmick. She is insecure about her position after 3 flops. Her husband too is shaken by the debacle of his last movie. the filmmaker is the target of anti-nepotism brigade for a reason. The actress has recently been in the spotlight for her next OTT film. Her kissing moment with the actor in this movie has also gotten a lot of attention.


Blind Item

Marketing & PR gimmicks can only help a movie or any product to a certain extent. No amount of gimmicks & marketing spends can help salvage a bad product beyond a point. Sadly this piece of wisdom is lost on a female superstar & a top filmmaker. After the barrage of negative reviews her last release received, she got into a fight with a social media influencer. The feud received a lot of traction on social media thanks to the superstar's star power. As per sources, it was nothing but a PR gimmick. The superstar was probably desperate at that point in time to increase the online views of her movie which released directly on a streaming platform. The movie's producer - a top filmmaker on the other hand tried sabotaging a thriller starring a "yummy" looking actress who got married recently.


Our Guess

Female superstar: Deepika Padukone

Filmmaker: Karan Johar

Influencer: Freddy Birdy

Movie: Gehraiyaan