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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: The Creepy Director

The director has given his debut movie a blockbuster and is one of the renowned directors in Bollywood. The actress has made her debut with the Bollywood's biggest production house YRF and with one of the most energetic actors of our Industry. She has worked with many superstars and recently her big budget movie could not make the numbers. She is a great dancer. 

Blind Item

As per one of our visitors, at a recent film based event held abroad a Bollywood starlet known mainly for her association with a top studio head honcho was giving an interview. What shocked our source who was present at the venue was seeing a Bollywood director lean creepily towards the actress while her interview was in progress. He was sitting a few chairs behind her & was leaning forward to get a "good look" The actress starred in one of the movies produced by the director in question. The director whose debut movie was a huge hit & has since attained cult status has had a terrible record at the box office post his debut movie. It's quite obvious that his mentor back then had a huge role to play in making his movie a hit. The director tried to branch out on his own, but that made it obvious that he is a terrible director. All his subsequent movies ahve featured big names & yet have flopped. 

Our Guess

Director: Nikhil Advani
Actress: Vaani Kapoor