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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: This Actress Ain't Married!


The duo is the global actor and actress. They are popular worldwide. The actress is renowned for her business investments in different areas. Recently, they had a baby girl via surrogacy. She is one of the most popular faces in Hollywood also and has a global recognition. She was in news when she decided to marry a 10 years younger star then her.

Blind Item

Thanks to one of our followers who too follows a Hollywood based blind item portal closely, we were saved from missing out on some hot gossip. If this blind item portal is to be believed, a Bollywood actress' marriage to her much younger beau is not registered either in India or in the US. As per the portal, while the couple had lavish marriage ceremonies they have chosen to not register their marriage! We wonder what might be the reason behind such a move. There have always been rumors of them being in an open marriage & that the dude is gay. They just welcomed a new member into their family a while back!

Our Guess

Actress: Priyanka Chopra
BF/Husband: Nick jonas