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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: This Superstar's Wife Held An Intervention


The superstar is known for this over enthusiatic nature. He is full of energy always and keeps entertaining people with his jokes. Recently, in the most famous chat show of Bollywood, 'Koffee with Karan', his new talent of mimicry was discovered. His dressing sense is always the talk of the town. The superstar met his wife on the sets of movie and fell in love. The duo is one of the Hit jodi in Bollywood and have given many blockbuster movies.

Blind Item

This couple was recently seen at a major fashion event & looked to be totally in sync with each other. Little do their fans know that just a few days back the superstar wife held some sort of an intervention for her superstar husband. A top filmmaker who is friends with both of them, was also one of the attendees. The wife had had enough of his shenanigans - from his clothes to his over the top antics. Him shedding all his inhibtions & taking a bold step which social media ablaze ticked the wife off no end. Apparently, she too had no idea about what her husband was up to. Some followers have even DM'd us stating that they have heard rumors about the superstar wife making fun of her husband's dressing sense behind his back - wonder whether there is any truth to it.

Our Guess

Superstar: Ranveer Singh
Wife: Deepika Padukone