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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: Top Actress Snatches Hollywood Project From An Indian Model

Blind Item

The Bollywood Actress made her debut with two other debutants in the most famous Production House of Bollywood. With the passage of time, the actress has evolved as a top Bollywood leading actor and has received lots of appreciation for her acting skills. She has received many awards for her talent and hardwork. Recently, she got married in an intimate ceremony where only few people where invited to the wedding and The Paparazzi felt insulted over not being invited & not being able to click pics.

Blind Item

As per one of our WhatsApp group members, an A-list Bollywood actress who is harboring dreams of making it big in Hollywood snatched a prestigious project right from the jaws of an Indian model. Not much is known about this model, who has many followers on her Instagram account. As per our WhatsApp group member, the model was getting ready to board her flight to Hollywood & realize her ambitions of acting in a big-budget Bollywood movie. Her dreams were shattered when she got a message from her agent informing her that she had been dropped from the project thanks to the A-lister lobbying with the filmmakers to bag the project. While such instances are common in the cut-throat world of showbiz in Bollywood & Hollywood, it hurts to hear about outsiders being thrown out of projects which they land after years of struggle to star kids. While the A-lister is a star kid with immense talent, there have been instances where talented outsiders were dropped in favor of talentless star kids. That explains the anger fans felt over an actor's death which led to some sort of a movement & ignited the nepotism debate like never before. 

Our guess
A-lister: Alia Bhatt
Mentor: Karan Johar
Model: ahilya bamroo