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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: Two Actresses Are Close To This Producer

The top tollywood actress was once rumored to have hooked up with her debut co-star who is known for his greek god good looks. her debut film director was also close to her. she even hooked up with a top bollywood superstar who recently gave a box office dud. The other actress was rumored to be very uncomfortable while working with the Bollywood superstar while working on a movie.

Blind Item

This actress debuted in a big-budget Bollywood movie that bombed at the box office but made it big by acting in blockbuster South Indian movies. She is now the biggest actress in Tollywood. She will now be seen in a slew of big-budget Bollywood movies. It is rumored that her "closeness" to a top producer played a major role in her bagging plum projects which led to her reaching the very top. As per a source, a Bollywood actress who is just a few years old in the industry but has starred in several hits is also getting close to the same producer, who is now rewarding her as well with big-budget projects. This actress is now the current favorite of the producer & he is even paying her above her market rate (pun not intended). We would give an arm to find out what the reigning queen of Tollywood has to say about this!

Our Guess

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