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Bollywood Blind Items Revealed: This Married Actress Is Upset

The A list actress has a made a different place for her in Bollywood. Being an outsider and not a citizen of India, she has made a special place in the heart of Indians because of her exceptional acting and outstanding dancing talent. She is a very good dancer. In headlines, she was always paired and one actor or other. Recently, she got married and shocked everyone. Her ex boy friend also tied the knot in the balcony of his house and gave a pleasant surprise to all.

Blind Item.

She had a dream wedding with her character actor turned saleable star beau last year, but there already are rumors of her being unhappy. As per a follower whose information we later verified, the A-lister doesn't get along well with her mother-in-law as she finds her to be too interfering. The mother-in-law wanted the A-lister actress to come over for dinner along with her son, but the actress has been avoiding it. The husband's decision of having a cameo appearance in his movie by the A-lister's ex-BF - a young superstar who got married recently & is now expecting a bay too did not go down well with her & pis&ed her off no end. To add to her misery, her father-in-law who was outed during the MeToo movement stalks her bikini pics on social media. Even her wannabe actor sister is not spared from his lecherous stalking on social media. The actress has found a crying shoulder on her brother-in-law. 

Our Guess

Actress: Katrina Kaif
Husband: Vicky kaushal
Ex-BF: Ranbir Kapoor