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Brahmastra Advance Of To An Actual Good Start

The advance of the most awaited Indian film Brahmastra: part one unlocked yesterday at selected belongings for its 3D version and it was a sight for sore eyes as the advance got off to very good start in terms of post pandemic and it can be called decent even if we look at it in terms of pre pandemic. 


The advance started yesterday morning mostly at the 3D properties of PVR chain crossways the country and the film sold over around 10k tickets for the weekend on selected screenings and selected properties which is outstanding. The advances of further chains opened later and clearly results were less and they will catch up soon.


This will be the greatest advance seen in the post pandemic outside KGF 2 for a Hindi film and the best advance seen for unique Hindi content. There is a lot of confident from this film. The film has a solid pairing of the famous Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and the famous Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt and a super hit song named ‘Kasariya’. The advance was the most initial test and it has got off to a hovering start but the actual test will be on Friday and where can those mass circuits go as it’s a huge film and needs those markets on side.



The film will definitely get negativity but expectantly it is good enough to shut those mouths up as when a film is good then public does not care for that nonsense on social media and the digital world. The advances of the last two foremost films (Shamshera and Laal Singh Chaddha) did not go through as they did not push as they should have closer to release and as long as that does not occur here then Brahmastra is going to sitting on a solid number on Thursday evening.