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Cricket Blind Items Revealed - July'22

The most loved sport in India is cricket. People are mad for Cricket specially when it comes to India vs Pakistan match. It is like a world war for the citizens of India and Pakistan. Even i am a big fan of cricket and IPL has also created buzz among the youngsters. IPL has a set a new trend for cricket among everyone as senior citizens are also stick to the television screens when it comes to IPL.

Blind Item.

While we mostly post about Bollywood celebs, this time around we will be giving you visitors some juicy gossip about our cricket stars. A source informed us that a cricketing god who has a squeaky clean image is still to get over his womanizing ways even several years post retirement from the nation's favourite game. Even his young daughter's friends are at the receiving end of his flirtations when they go to their house to meet her. Our source went on to tell us about rumors of him getting sloshed at night & taking his high speed Italian automobile out for a spin out for a spin! We wouldnt dare venture into the suburb where he stays late in the night after eharing this for sure. On the other hand, our source went on to say that a much younger cricketer who is probably going through one of the best cases of his career right now, but was trolled heavily when he spoke about his bedroom habits on TV is a changed man. Women are dying to bed him & are crazy for him, but he couldn't care less.  He is a complete family man now. That explains his sublime form on the field. Lastly, an opening batsman who got divorced recently is a complete d*%k to people around him. A source who has dealt with him was fed up of his arrogance & unprofessional attitude.

Our Guess

Cricketing God - Sachin Tendulkar

Italian Automobile - His Ferrari

2nd Cricketer - Hardik Pandya

Arrogant Cricketer - Shikhar Dhawan