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Facts About Suzanne Tarquotte- Katrina Kaif’s Mother


Suzanne Tarquotte is the mother of the famous actress, Katrina Kaif, and is her biggest strength. Katrina is the product of how she molded Katrina and where she stands today. She is often spotted with her daughter and is an active participant in her daughter’s life. Let’s look out at some facts based on Suzanne Tarquotte to know her better:

  • She originally belongs to Britain and till time has retained her nationality.

  • Suzanne Tarquotte was married to Mohammad Kaif and had eight children. Katrina Kaif is the middle child.

  • She divorced him when Katrina was young.

  • She is a lawyer by profession but at current, she works as a teacher and is connected with charitable issues.

  • Before entering Bollywood, Katrina used her maiden name, Katrina Tarquotte from her childhood but later, due to easy pronunciation, she opted for “Katrina Kaif” to enter Bollywood.

  • She is also a social worker due to which she was always traveling.