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Facts about Pravin Tambe: The Cricketer whose Life Story led to a Biopic

Pravin Tambe

Pravin Tambe, a name in every household after the release of the film, Kaun Pravin Tambe. The movie which released in the OTT Platform, Hotstar touched the hearts of the people. Shreyas Talpade, who played the lead role in the movie, was appreciated because of his extraordinary performance. From body language to communication skills, Shreyas enacted each and every phase of Pravi Tambe's life so effortlessly. It seemed that he lived Pravin's life.

Pravin Tambe is an Indian leg spinner and all rounder who made his Cricket debut in Indian Premier League at the age of 41. He was selected by the Rajasthan Royals team. After years of struggle, and playing for club cricket for 20 years, he never got a chance to play first class cricket. But he never gave up. He never let his hopes fade away. He married to Vaishali in the year 1999 and spent almost the next decade and a half working for odd jobs which offered cricket quotas. 

Today, Tambe at the age of 48 is retired  and currently works as a KKR support staff and team.