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   Falcon Founder Tara Ranjan Patnaik Success Story

Tara Patnaik

Tara Patnaik is the owner of Falcon Marine Exports Private Limited, which is one of the largest marine exporters in the country. Tara Patnaik is a self-made multi-millionaire, who took his start-up from an amount of 2 lakh INR to a jaw dropping 1700 crore INR. 

Tara Patnaik came from humble beginnings; his father was a lawyer who was able to fulfil the basic needs of his family and like his father Tara Patnaik had planned to become a lawyer. While he was pursuing law from Madhusudan Law College in Cuttack, Odisha his friend suggested to him that they should start a venture together. Tara Patnaik together with his friend pulled out a loan of 2 lakh INR from Odisha State Financial Corporation and with that they purchased a few trawlers. Unfortunately, their venture soon failed as they were new to the field but instead of losing hope and giving up Tara Patnaik stood strong.

In 1978, he built a network by buying prawns directly from the fishermen and selling them to the big exporters. He continued this for the next seven years which expanded his network internationally.

 In 1985, he established his company by the name of Falcon Marine Export Private Limited in Bhubaneswar which recorded a turn-over of nearly 5 crore INR in 1988.

By the end of 2001 their turnover reached the soaring heights of 157 crore INR and adding to its exponential growth the company joined the steel industry and established a steel plant in Odisha under the name of Patnaik Steel and Alloys.

In 2008, the company welcomed its newest member Parthajeet Patnaik after he completed his MBA from London and in the same year the company ventured out into real estate. Soon, Falcon Real Estate Private Limited made an arrival by owning a land bank of 300 acres and an early investment of 50 crore INR into private and commercial properties.

Slowly and steadily the company made massive progress and now aims for a turnover of 2000 Crore INR. 

Tara Patnaik has become an inspiration for many, be it youngsters pursuing their dreams or adults grinding for theirs, he is a true visionary who quotes that it is all within grasp if you dedicate yourself to your work and honesty plays a major role as well.


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