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How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Android Explained!

In this article we will tell you how to read the deleted messages .This only works on Android smartphone it will not work on iPhone or iPad. It is an official method and this app is not connected to WhatsApp anyway. This trick will be performed with the help of  a third party app it also has notification access. Notification access is potentially intrusive permission to grant an app so please think carefully before granting it.

First of all, there is no way to recover a deleted message because WhatsApp chats are end to end encrypted but there is a way to it .Go to the Play Store and install WAMR app on your phone .After installation open the app and read and accept the display tap on the next arrow. Then you will be asked to select the apps you want to monitor. Select WhatsApp from the list . Read through and keep swiping right across the menu till you get to the set up screen. Here , Tap next to Notification Reader .You will now be redirected to your phone's setting app to grant notification access .Scroll down to find WAMR and tap on it.  Now, tap on Allow notification access and tap on allow again. Once you have granted access go back to WAMR app and tap on the next arrow, that's it .Now you have a service that stores your WhatsApp notification history. If  someone deletes a message they sent you WAMR  will notify you and you can read the message by tapping on the notification.