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In a throwback video, Shah Rukh Khan reads aloud from the journal he gave to Suhana Khan.

A throwback video of Shah Rukh Khan talking about writing the journal for Suhana Khan went viral after she shared glimpses of it.
Shah Rukh Khan reveals what he wrote in the journal gifted to Suhana Khan; Throwback video goes VIRAL

Suhana Khan, the daughter of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, has a sizable online following. Suhana rarely updates her Instagram account, but when she does, her images quickly become popular. She recently revealed a few pages from a journal that her "papa," Shah Rukh Khan, had given her. Shah Rukh Khan's acting notes from over the years were included in the journal. A day after Suhana's post, a vintage clip of Shah Rukh Khan's interview is currently trending online. He had mentioned creating a book about acting for his daughter in the 2014 interview.

Anupam Kher's throwback interview with Shah Rukh Khan

A video clip from SRK's interview with Anupam Kher has been circulating on social media. In 2014, Shah Rukh appeared as a guest on The Anupam Kher Show - Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai. He told Anupam Kher during that interview that he wants Suhana Khan to be an actor and that he is writing a book about acting for her. "I aspire for my daughter to be an actress. So I've decided that since no one else listens to me and my daughter is young, she will read the book I'm writing for her as a form of respect. "Whenever something comes to mind about acting, I write it down," Shah Rukh said.

"So you are writing a book on acting for your daughter," asked Anupam Kher, to which Shah Rukh replied, "Yes, only for her. I'm going to write about my personal experiences in 3-4 lines. I'm tempted to write it for her. Because I believe I need to explain my behaviour to someone. When I try to tell my co-actors about it, they avoid me. So I want my daughter to read and learn from that book." Anupam Kher also asked if he had a title for the book, to which Shah Rukh replied, "It's called "Suhana, regarding acting. Coming from Papa."

Suhana Khan’s Instagram post

Suhana posted a few photos on Instagram yesterday. The first image was of the journal's cover page, and the text on the first page read, "This journal belongs to: Suhana Khan. "Thank you, Papa." The following page is titled "On Acting." Suhana's most recent post includes a portion of SRK's handwritten notes from 2014. Suhana captioned the photos, "Tuesday inspiration." "Everything I don't know about acting, I've put it there for you to learn and teach me back, little one," SRK replied to her post.