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Katrina Kaif Will Establish A Health And Wellness Business Shortly

Katrina Kaif is expanding her health and wellness brand after launching a successful cosmetics line.


Katrina Kaif is one of Bollywood's fittest actresses. She never misses her exercises, no matter how hectic her job schedule is. Her Instagram username also demonstrates her unwavering commitment to exercise and eating and keeping healthy. Katrina Kaif, the actress from Phone Bhoot, has recently been devoting more time to refining her business talents. Katrina Kaif will add another feather to her head as a businesswoman after her successful cosmetics company. The stunning actress is now planning to dabble in the health and wellness industry.

There have been speculations that Katrina Kaif had ended her 16-year relationship with a prominent fruit-based summer drink business. Her next big announcement in the health and wellness area was the reason for this. Yes! She is embarking on a whole new entrepreneurial adventure. According to a source close to Kaif, "Katrina Kaif's health and fitness regimen, like her cosmetics, is well-known. So this is something that fits Katrina's personality well, and she is extremely pleased about it."

Katrina Kaif discussed her beauty fetish in an exclusive interview a few months ago. She admitted to us that cosmetics has always been her passion and that she has been enamoured with it since she was a child. According to the Phone Bhoot actress, "One of my favourite aspects of my company is that we are India's first celebrity-owned beauty line. People, I believe, arrived with an open mind as a result of that. They weren't comparing themselves to anyone or anything else. In some ways, this gave us a fresh start. The confidence I have always had in my brand stems from the fact that cosmetics has always been a hobby of mine."