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Pathaan actor Shah Rukh Khan Discloses The True Reason For His Acting Break, And It Has Nothing To Do With Film Failures

As Shah Rukh Khan prepares to return to the big screen with his forthcoming action film Pathaan, the King Khan spoke out about his nearly four-year acting absence.

After an almost four-year break, Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up to return with a slew of forthcoming flicks including Pathaan, Dunki, and Jawan. While Pathaan is nearing completion, Dunki and Jawan are still in the filming process.

The actor was in Saudi Arabia for the filming of Dunki, and while speaking about his experience at the Red Sea International Film Festival, SRK disclosed the true reason for his acting break, which is unrelated to his film failures.

On the eve of the second edition of the festival, Shah Rukh Khan sat down in Jeddah and discussed his return to filmmaking after a long hiatus. He explained that his vacation was motivated by a desire to be more present for his children, and that with his eldest two children in college in America, his continual filming schedule made it impossible for him to drop everything and visit them.

Shah Rukh told Deadline about his daughter Suhana Khan relocating from the United Kingdom to New York and waited for her to call for eight months "She never contacted me. I didn't sign any contracts because I figured, 'Maybe she'll call me, maybe she'll contact me.' So I contacted her one day and asked, 'Listen, may I begin working immediately?' She replied, 'Why aren't you working?' 'I imagined you'd contact me when you were lonely in New York,' I explained."

Soon after the success of Covid, Shah Rukh inked a deal with Yash Raj Films for his spy thriller Pathaan. This is his first foray into the action genre.He stated that he has always done incredibly nice love tales, some social dramas, and some bad characters, but that he was never cast in action movies. Since he is already 57, the actor believes he will make action flicks for the next ten years. He also stated that he has always wanted to direct Mission Impossible-style action pictures.

Shah Rukh also discussed the rise of OTT services and how people have grown accustomed to watching movies on their mobile devices. He stated that, while the nature of audiences has shifted to watch various types of movies and series on streaming platforms, there will always be a place for movies playing in theaters. "They're too small," he said, urging audiences not to watch movies on their phones.