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The 15 finest performances by Priyanka Chopra that demonstrate her range include Barfi, Fashion, Mary Kom, and more


Numerous young ladies who aspire to do great things like her find inspiration in Priyanka Chopra, who is more than simply a name. The actress has achieved international recognition in addition to success in Bollywood. She has brought great pride to herself, her family, her nation, and many other people with her accomplishments. PeeCee has appeared in several Bollywood films over the course of her nearly two-decade career, portraying some incredible and enduring roles that continue to resonate with audiences today. To see her 15 finest performances, scroll below.

Kashibai from Bajirao Mastani

Acting in a historical drama and succeeding as the role as you own it is never an easy endeavour. When someone talks about Kashibai today, we can only see Priyanka's face since she nailed it on-screen as Peshwa Bajirao's wife Kashibai. Everything that was depicted on the screen, including her Marathi accent and royal status, was flawless. She is without a doubt one of Bollywood's most attractive actresses. However, she played a Maharashtrian woman in this movie, which was perfect for her new role.

From Bajirao Mastani, Kashibai

It's never simple to play a part in a historical drama and succeed in it as your own. Since she was Peshwa Bajirao's wife onscreen, we can only imagine Priyanka's face when someone mentions Kashibai nowadays. Her Marathi accent and royal rank, as well as everything else that was portrayed on the screen, were immaculate. Unquestionably, she is one of Bollywood's most alluring actresses. But in this movie, she played a Maharashtrian woman, which was ideal for her new character.

Aditi Chaudhary, "The Sky Is Pink"

Aisha Chaudhary and her family served as the inspiration for the moving real story The Sky Is Pink, which was directed by Shonali Bose. Aditi, Aisha's mother, was portrayed by Priyanka Chopra. It is difficult to express the challenges of a mother whose daughter is battling for her life, but PeeCee did it with such skill that we were all able to feel her feelings and share in her journey. The extremely gifted Zaira Wasim portrayed the character of Aisha, Farhan Akhtar played Priyanka's husband, and Rohit Saraf played her kid.

Meghna Mathur, fashion

This Madhur Bhandarkar film served as both a mirror image and an introduction to the fashion industry for all of us. In her role as Meghna Mathur, Priyanka Chopra portrayed a young woman from a small village with aspirations of becoming a prominent fashion model. The movie follows her road to becoming a top model and how she loses herself in the glamour world. Mugdha Ghodse and Kangana Ranaut also play significant parts in this movie.

Mary Kom - MC mary Kom

The principal actress in this movie, Priyanka Chopra, did a fantastic job at portraying and bringing Mary Kom to life. Priyanka made careful to do everything perfectly, from mastering the fundamentals of boxing to pulling off her physical makeover, among other things. We are confident that no one could have performed it as well as she did since she worked really hard to play Mary Kom on television. However, the actress was frequently questioned as to why an actress from a northeastern state had not been selected for the part. She arrived, she reigned, and she conquered in spite of all of this.

Ayesha Mehra's "Dil Dhadakne Do"

Priyanka Chopra portrayed a young, self-assured, married woman who is attempting to forge her own path to success on her own terms. Along with struggling to maintain her not-so-happening marriage, she also tries to defy the expectations society has for women after marriage. Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah, Ranveer Singh, Farhan Akhtar, Anushka Sharma, and more actors are included in the ensemble cast of this Zoya Akhtar movie.

Kiara - Anjaana Anjaani

Anjaana Anjaani was a sweet love story about two strangers who meet with the intention of dying but instead decide to be together forever. Priyanka Chopra portrayed a young woman who experienced romantic betrayal. She was independent, youthful, and modern when she ultimately met her true love. Along with Priyanka, this movie also featured Ranbir Kapoor and Zayed Khan.

Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, "7 Khoon Maaf,"

In this movie, Priyanka Chopra appeared in a hitherto unseen persona. Her Anna Marie Johannes from 7 Khoon Maaf is one sophisticated female antagonist that captivated readers into the plot. In an effort to find real love, she marries and falls in love seven times. She seeks the conventional form of love, but when she is unable to find it, she brutally murders each of her husbands. She may murder them with venomous snakes, weapons, or mushrooms, but her motivation is always the same—a lack of compassion and love that she feels she is entitled to.

Mrs. Sonia Roy's Aitraaz

Priyanka portrayed a fearless, self-assured, affluent, and strong lady who is very career-focused and will do anything for name and fame. A woman who falls in love with a man, who is portrayed by Akshay Kumar, in the story must break up with him because of her career. Many years later, they cross one other's paths once more, but this time they are married to different people. Amrish Puri, who plays the role of Priyanka's considerably older husband, is also immensely wealthy. Since Akshay Kumar works for his company, PeeCee takes advantage of this and coerces him into spending the night with her. When Kareena Kapoor's husband Akshay refuses to do so, the drama starts.

Mala - Zanjeer

Mala is a young, self-assured girl who is bold and fights up for justice. Priyanka Chopra's character, Mala, has witnessed a murder and is prepared to testify as an eye witness in court when she runs into a number of difficulties. She finds refuge at the home of Ram Charan, a police inspector, and the two subsequently fall in love.

Salaam-e-ishq - Kamini

In this ensemble cast movie, Priyanka Chopra plays an actress with numerous love stories happening simultaneously. In the movie, Priyanka is matched with Salman Khan, who is infatuated with her. Despite her outward toughness, she actually has a childlike softness that makes her vulnerable to love. We must confess that Kamini is extremely amusing. She is fashionable, outspoken, and confident.

Pyaar Impossible – Alisha Merchant

Alisha, a single mother, struggles to balance her responsibilities as a parent with her full-time career. Alisha married the love of her life when she was young, reckless, and carefree, but she later filed for divorce after having a kid. Finding the ideal nanny for her daughter seems to be a problem for her, but nothing has allowed her to falter so far. In this movie, Priyanka has short hair and looks stunning.

Roma - Don

Don is being sought after by a tenacious Interpol Inspector portrayed by Priyanka Chopra. Her body language, attitude, and swag all contributed to her becoming an indispensable component of the movie. The third instalment of this franchise, which was directed by Farhan Akhtar, has been highly anticipated by fans.

Dostana – Neha

Neha was a fashionable, self-assured young woman who kept a healthy balance between her personal and professional lives. John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan, who both identify as homosexual, become her roommates and subsequently fall in love with her. The actress played one of the most gorgeous parts ever, and her golden monokini outfit definitely broke the internet and is now one of her most recognisable appearances.