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Top 10 Chinese Movies Ever Made Till 2022


While there are plenty of comedies and action flicks out there, this genre also has a profound and dramatic side that is sometimes overlooked. This list would cover films made in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China in addition to mainland China.

1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Undoubtedly, this is among the most well-known Chinese films of all time. A youthful fighter takes Master Li's Green Destiny sword. Master Li finds the sword and follows it to the House of Yu, where the plot of this film takes an absolutely fantastic turn. The film has the ideal balance of breathtaking scenery, moving drama, and breathtaking martial arts action.

2. Comrades, Almost A Lovestory

From a rural town, Xiaojun travels to Hong Kong in pursuit of a better way of life. One day, he wants to have enough money to propose to his girlfriend. He meets Qiao in the city, who shows him the ins and outs of urban living. The two find themselves falling in love with one another. Given the situation, they decide against igniting their passion and emotions, but can love ever be diminished? It's nearly a love story, just like the title of the movie suggests.

3. In The Mood For Love

Su Li-Zhen and Chow Mo-Wan learn of their respective wives' infidelity. Dejected and broken-hearted, they take solace in their developing friendship. But would they be able to vow to faithfulness themselves in a world where everyone is either right or bad and not somewhere in between?

4. Kung Fu Chefs

Famous chef Wong Ping Yee is misled by his nephew into poisoning a judge, and as a result, he is driven from the community. He teaches a young cook to compete in a competition to become the "Top Chef" in an effort to restore his lost respect. This entertaining, action-packed movie is delightful to see.

5. Yi Yi

You'll be left with tears in your eyes and a great smile on your face after viewing this masterpiece. In this family-friendly film, the father, his daughter, son, and an elderly grandma follow the lives of three generations of the Jian family. This film is endearing because of its mild humour and straightforwardness.

6. The Blue Kite

The film skillfully and unapologetically depicts the impact of China's Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, and Hundred Flowers Campaign on a family. The film received criticism from the authorities even during post-production, and it was later outlawed. But political art in general suffers from the same destiny.

7. Ip Man

The renowned martial arts grandmaster Ip Man's life is the inspiration for the Ip Man series. The fact that Bruce Lee learned from him tells it all. There are a tonne of mind-blowing martial arts moments in this historical drama. This film series is a must-see.

8. Farewell My Concubine

You must see this outstanding Chinese historical drama. A lady enters the lives of two opera performers, putting their relationship to the test against the backdrop of China's extremely volatile contemporary history. This grand narrative is very captivating.

9. Fearless

Every movie enthusiast will like this epic martial arts film, which is based on the real-life Chinese hero Huo Yuanjia. This film, which is referred to as "Jet Li's final martial arts epic," is without a doubt the finest of Li's career.

10. Infernal Affairs

The narrative of two officer pals is featured in this incredibly gripping criminal thriller film. The first is a covert operative who has infiltrated a gang; the second is a distinguished police officer who covertly supports the same group. Unaware that they are hunting for one another, the two set out to discover the traitor.