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Top 10 Hindi Birthdays Songs Till 2022

Top 10 Hindi Birthdays Songs Till 2022

When we have the chance to wake up to some happy-happy birthday songs, birthdays seem to become even more joyous. No matter how unmusical our loved ones' singing of those popular happy birthday songs in Hindi may sound, it literally brightens our day. But this birthday of yours you don’t have to rely on that un-melodious singing because we have brought you a list of the top 10 Hindi Birthday songs that you can totally depend upon.

  1. Aww Tera Happy Budday- ABCD 2

This one is for the hip group of birthday kids and teens. It makes for the ideal cool and trendy dance track to welcome all of your cool friends and cousins. The talented composer team Sachin-Jigar created this upbeat song for the film ABCD 2. Playing this song at the birthday party is a requirement for every Indian child's party.

  1. Happy Birthday-Ishq Forever

This happy birthday song was performed by Nakash Aziz for the film "Ishq Forever" and features former Miss India Ruhi Singh and newcomer Krishna Chaturvedi. Despite the fact that the movie didn't seem to win over everyone's hearts, this song did!

  1. Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye- Farz

This timeless birthday song by the legendary Mohammad Rafi Ji is still sung, heard, and adored by many young people. Even today, a slow, melodic song from the film Farz, starring the well-known actors Jeetendra and Babita Shivdasani, is considered a classic. Some people enjoy singing along to this song while others enjoy playing musical instruments to it.

  1. Happy Budday-Kill Dill

The stunning Parineeti Chopra and Rambo, aka Ranveer Singh, the well-known singer, led his voice to this perfect birthday song. Play the bubbly video for everyone to feel pure joy and party spirit.

  1. Chote Tera Budday Aya- Krantiveer

This upbeat song, performed by a talented group of young singers including Mika Singh, Mahadev Krishna, Rishikesh Kamekar, Neuman Pinto, Ishq Bector, Anushka Manchanda, and Hard Kaur, is a must-play at all epic birthday celebrations. In the year 2010, this song was included in the motion picture "Krantiveer: The Revolution."

  1. Tum Jiyo Hazaaro Saal- Sujata

Every old Indian soul's favourite birthday song is a lighthearted Lata Mangeshkar Ji composition from the film Sujata, which stars stunning Nutan and dashing Sunil Dutt. You can hear her voice is magical by listening to this adorable birthday song, which she sang with a lot of love and joy.

  1. O Nanhe se Farishtay- Ek Phool Do Mali

If you have a young child who was born into this world to make you happy, you must add this song to your playlist of Hindi birthday songs to play on their special day.

  1. Badhai Ho Badhai Janamdin ki Tumko- Mera Munna

This song, which was written by the renowned composer team Kalyanji- Anandji and featured in the film "Mera Munna," is one that Indian mothers sing to their children on their birthday because they feel a strong connection to the voice of the nightingale of India, aka the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar Ji.

  1. Kaun Hoon Main- Dard Ka Rishta

Let the elders embrace you and your friends dance with you as you play this song and enthusiastically distribute pieces of cake to the guests at your party.

  1. Aaj Apni Darling ka Aaya Janamdin - Duty

If you are a parent, play yet another song for your child to make him or her smile on their special day and get the other children at the party to dance in a fun way.