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Top 10 Hollywood Actors Who Acted In Bollywood Films Till 2022



Acting in Hollywood is a dream of many Bollywood celebrities but have you wondered if any Hollywood actor acted in Bollywood too? Then here is the answer with the names of such celebrities:

  1. Sylvester Stallone- Kambakkht Ishq

Who doesn’t know Sylvester Stallon? He is one of the finest actors in Hollywood who has given some best movies like Rocky, Creed, Rambo, etc.

  1. Denise Richards- Kambakkht Ishq

She is another actress seen in the movie Kambakkht Ishq, directed by Sabbir Khan. She played a romantic role with Akshay Kumar. In Hollywood, she has done some best movies like the Wild Things and The World Is Not Enough.

  1. Clive Standen-Namastey London

He is known for his performances in movies and TV like Vikings, Taken, Everest, Vault, etc., and was seen in the movie as Katrina Kaif’s boyfriend.

  1. Ben Kingsley-Teen Patti

He is another brilliant actor who won many awards for movies like Gandhi, Schindler’s List, Shutter Island, etc. he was seen working in Teen Patti with Amitabh Bachchan, R.Madhavan, and Shraddha Kapoor in 2010 as a mathematician.

  1. Will Smith- Student of the Year

After his act at the Oscars, who don't know Will Smith? Apart from that, he was seen in movies like Pursuit of Happiness, Hitch, Hancock, etc., and Student Of the Year.

  1. Paul Blackthorne-Lagaan

He is famous for his famous dialogue “Teen Guna Lagaan Dena Padega” in the movie Lagaan alongside Aamir Khan and worked in movies like Doom, Dumb and Dumber To, etc.

  1. Toby Stephens- Mangal Pandey

He played the role of Captain William Gordon, who formed a friendship with Mangal Pandey which is a biopic of Mangal Pandey, an Indian sepoy.

  1. Christopher B. Duncan- My Name is Khan

Being part of the movies like The First Family, American SOul, The Jamie Foxx Show, etc., Christopher Duncan played the role of President-elect Barack Obama in the movie My Name is Khan.

  1. Sarah Thompson- Rajneeti

Excellent performer, Sarah has done some outstanding movies like Cruel Intentions 2, Broken Windows, and Babysitter. She also played the role of Samar Pratap’s girlfriend alongside Ranbir Kapoor.

  1. Lester Speight- International Khiladi

Former footballer turned professional wrestler and actor, Lester Speight also played a role in Akshay Kumar’s International Khiladi.