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Top 10 Telugu Female Action Movies of All Time till 2022

Telugu Female Action Movies of All Time till 2022

Female action films did not initially use rape scenes that led the protagonist or her friend to seek retribution in the 1970s or 1980s. Let's look at the Top 10 Telugu-language female action movies of all time.

  1. Prathidwani

The film surprised many regular moviegoers. A police officer's wife strikes her husband, who is quite within his rights to do so. Arjun Sarja played the lead in the film, although Sharada's role as the cop and her struggle with crime, ethics, and responsibility were the story's primary focus. Her role in the movie made her a necessity in many future movies, often in strong leading roles for young actors.

  1. Prathighatana

She would be made naked in the street in front of her husband and numerous locals, just like Draupadi in Mahabharat, the movie, which is based on a true story. Even though drama predominates the movie, for the most part, the movie's ending turns it into an action drama, and the songs from the movie are quite popular. With this movie, Charan Raj and Kota Srinivas Rao gained popularity as performers in Telugu-speaking countries.

  1. Aashayam

After a movie like Kartavyam, Vijayashanthi continued to act in movies with big-name stars and occasionally displayed her talent for stunts. She has a full-fledged action role in this movie, though. The success of the film gave her the courage to pursue leading protagonist parts in other films rather than ones starring other heroes.

  1. Chandirani

The success of the movie is unimportant compared to the fact that she performed stunts with the film's rising-star male protagonist. She wanted to direct the movie, so her director husband Ramakrishna produced it. He used to create the most of his movies, but this one is particularly important to him and Bhanumathi. With this movie, she demonstrated her abilities as an actress, stuntwoman, singer, and director.

  1. Arundhati

Many people still cite Arundhathi as one of the biggest surprise successes in Telugu cinema history because it was such a huge success. Anushka Shetty became famous after appearing in a movie, and she maintained her fame with roles in movies like Baahubali and Rudramadevi. The spectators still vividly recall certain movie scenes. Sonu Sood rose to prominence as a villain in South Indian dialects.

  1. Karthavyam

Vijayshanthi changed her fate to become a woman actor who is strong enough to carry the film on her shoulders after remaining a glamour star and occasionally a revolutionary lead actress in a few films. The best illustration of a screenplay for an emotional cop movie may be found in this movie.

  1. Ganga-Manga

When Vani Sri was at the height of her fame, she occasionally outperformed star heroes in her movies. She had Krishna and Shoban Babu as co-leads in this action movie, which followed the Ramudu-Bheemudu model, but she also played Manga, who did some of the heavy liftings during the action scenes. Since this picture was such a hit, several other ladies unsuccessfully tried their hand at action movies.

  1. Antahpuram

People were surprised to see Prakash Raj, Soundarya, and shockingly, Jagapathi Babu in this movie because it was such a tremendous success. In order to provide such a legendary performance, Jagapathi Babu acknowledged that he was asked to consume alcohol in a number of situations.

  1. Osey Ramulamma

The film appears to be DNR's adaptation of Bandit Queen, but he added his own tweaks to the plot to make it seem more realistic given how active the Naxal movement was at the time in Telangana State, rising up against the then-rulers and the "Dora" culture. An inspiring cameo performance by Superstar Krishna brought more emotion to the picture.

  1. Rudramadevi

Anushka plays the lead in the historical war drama Rudramadevi, which is being directed by Gunasekhar. The picture was produced by the filmmaker, who struggled greatly for three years to complete it. But because it illustrated the history of the Kakatheeya Ruler, Telangana State Government granted tax incentives, and it became a box office hit.