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Top 10 Telugu Thrillers Ever Made Till 2022

Telugu industry is famous for producing some excellent thrillers. So, here is the list of Telugu thriller movies that are the epitome of the above statement.

  1. Dhruva

Dhruva revolves around a cat-and-mouse game between an IPS officer and a criminal mastermind. Dhruva is an official remake of Tamil blockbuster Thani Oruvan, starring Telugu superstar Ram Charan and the ever-charming Aravindh Swamy. Dhruva is a big-budget action thriller that is technically brilliant and will satisfy action fans.

  1. Ave Kallu 

Ave Kallu is a Telugu cinema cult classic. Ave Kallu, starring Superstar Krishna, is about a family who is murdered by a serial killer. A police officer is assigned to find the murderer. Ave Kallu is a riveting mystery drama with a stellar background score that is famous for its Hitchcock-like feel.

  1. 1-Nenokkadine

The film is a brilliant, racy, and emotional ride about a rockstar with Integration disorder. Superstar Mahesh Babu played a man who can't tell the difference between reality and his dreams. Sukumar's 1-Nennokadinae is a Hollywood notch-thriller that lives up to its expectations and engages from start to finish.

  1. Anveshna

Anveshana, one of Telugu cinema's very first suspense thrillers, tells the story of some mysterious killings in a forest, rumoured to be caused by a man-eating tiger. A police officer is assigned to the case, and he begins his investigation. Anveshana was directed by veteran director Vamsy and is highly rewatchable.

  1. A Film by Aravind

The film, directed by Sekhar Suri, is about two filmmakers who go into the woods to rest. However, when fiction in a script becomes reality, things go awry. A film by Aravind is a cult classic with many edge-of-your-seat moments and a riveting screenplay that is frequently re-watched on television.

  1. Kshanam

Kshanam heralded the arrival of new-age Telugu cinema. Kshanam was a well-made thriller that received critical acclaim for its riveting screenplay. Directed by débutante Ravikanth Perepu, Kshanam is the story of a man on a mission to find a missing girl.

  1. Keshava

A young crew and a talented cast delivered a technically brilliant thriller about revenge and redemption. The protagonist, who suffers from a heart condition that prevents him from getting excited, must exact his revenge at any cost!

  1. PSV Garuda Vega

The technical standards and action scenes in PSV Garuda Vega astounded the audience. The film is a spy thriller starring Rajasekhar about a mission to apprehend a hacker who has access to sensitive information. PSV Garuda Vega, while technically on par with many Hollywood thrillers, manages to create a Bourne-Esque feel with its riveting screenplay.

  1. Mantra

Mantra caused quite a stir when it was released in theatres! Mantra is a brilliant and riveting thriller about a girl who owns a house that is said to be haunted. A professor agrees to purchase the house if someone lives in it for three months. A small-time goon accepts to stay. A series of mysteries unraveling leads to a sensational climax that shocks the audience.

  1. Anasuya

Anasuya is a spine-chilling thriller about a serial killer on the loose! And the victims are the organ recipients of his deceased lover. Raw, realistic, and terrific, the movie is sure to cater to all the lovers of crime thrillers. Ravi Babu as the assassin Gulabi Govind will keep you awake at night!