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Top Action Movies of Bollywood Ever till 2022

Action Movies

In initial years of Bollywood Industry, action was not the forte of the Bollywood. Only a few fighting sequences was all that can be seen in the movies. But with the passage of time, people love the action drama and gave a huge response to it. The hollywood action dramas are very popular among the Indian audiences. Bollywood also started to change their face of cinema and from romance and drama, they are slowly shifting towards the action genres. The trend changes terrifically, when Amitabh Bachchan starred Zanjeer was released in the theatres. A trend of new action films began and all the credit goes to Bachchan ji. He got the title of Shehenshah of Bollywood after the release of the film.

Some of the best Action movies of Bollywood are:

1. Zanjeer.

2. Deewar.

3. Sholay.

4. Ram Lakhan.

5. Ghayal.

6. Narsimha.

7. Phool Aur Kaante.

8. Tirangaa.

9. Vishwatma.

10. Khalnayak.