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Top Bollywood Casting Directors in 2022

A film is incomplete without a casting director. It means they are the backbones of the film production. If the casting of the actors or any other person for any role is not done in the right way then the whole thing will be a complete waste. They supervise the entire process and are the star makers. People don't hear about them very often as they work backstage. However, in present times, a certain space is created for them to come and prove their mettle. For this purpose, one must have defined skill set along with strong conviction as they have to deal with other's life and career. 

Some of the top Bollywood Casting Directors are:

1. Shanoo Sharma.

2. Mukesh Chhabra.

3. Shruti Mahajan.

4. Atul Mongia.

5. Nandini Shrikent.