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Top Entertainment You tube Channels in Tamil

Top 15 Indian Web Series On YouTube

You Tube is one of the biggest entertainment platforms for people in the modern generation. It offers a lot of original content on daily basis. We can find something new on you tube everyday. You Tube has channels in every Indian language. They give us amazing entertainment by dealing with various topics and has a number of channels to choose from. These channels include content based on films, technology, automobiles, etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the best YouTube entertainment channels in Tamil:

  1. Village Cooking Channel

The channel has reached 1 crore subscribers and it was launched in the year 2018. It became the first non-corporate channel in Tamil to gain these many subscribers. The focus of channel is on authentic Tamil dishes including urban and local dishes.

  1. Micset

Everyone is aware that youth mostly consume the YouTube content. Any channel which resonates with current generation youth is consumed by them. This channel is also owned by a group of friends who keeps entertaining the audiences. They have around 64 lakh subscribers.

  1. Village Food Factory

This is another channel whose focus is on rural food of Tamil Nadu. It is owned by Arumugam. They make several videos on dishes prepared by local people. The channel has around 44 lakh subscribers.