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Top Rajasthani Sweet Dishes Ever

Sweet dishes complete our meal. It is always said that after our meal, we must have something sweet to have proper digestion. The taste of sweet dishes is something which makes us greedy for it. Hearing the name of sweet dishes brings water in my mouth. A sweet mithai that instantly melts in our mouth is the best delicacy one could ever wish for.

Rajasthan is known for its delicious food items. It is the part of India where we can find varieties of food items for each and every category. People of Rajasthan loves to eat and also loves to serve people. Let's have a look at the best sweet dishers of Rajasthan:

1. Chhena Malpua.

2. Ghevar Rabri.

3. Dilkushal.

4. Methi Ladoo Dana.

5. Sohan Halwa.

6. Imarti.

7. Moong Dal Halwa.