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When Hritik Roshan Sent GF Saba Azad Some Delicious Halwa


The popular Bollywood actor, Hritik Roshan has been rumored to date Saba Azad for a very long time. Since the media is very active in covering the buzzing couple in the updates. With their interaction with social media, it can be easily seen that Hritik’s family, kids, and even his ex-wife Sussanne Khan all are fond of Saba. They all have a very close relationship with her. On frequent occasions, Hritik’s family has always been noticed to send home-cooked food to Saba.

In the past months, Saba shared a glimpse of the halwa on her Instagram stories, posting a picture of a bowl of ‘halwa’ captioning it, “Oh my goodness…Suranika is that halwaaaaaa? I die…I die of joy. Bless you, sweet girl – all puns intended. This halwa was sent to her by Hrithik's niece Suranika, daughter of Sunaina Roshan.

A couple of weeks later to this incident, Saba Azad wasn’t healthy, this is when Hritik’s family pampered and took good care of her. She shared the pictures of pizzas and pasta thanking them with the caption, “when homesick but have the bestest hoomans ever feeding you.”