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When Salman Khan Offered INR 2 Cr For A Race Horse. What Happened Next Will Shock You

salman khan with horse


Salman Khan or “Salman Bhai” is a famous superstar of Bollywood. He enjoys a huge fan following not only on social media but in real life too. With his regular updates on social media, everybody is familiar with his likes and dislikes very well. We are all aware of his love for horses.

Most of his free time, Salman Khan spends at his Panvel farmhouse where he owns several rare breeds of horses.

In the initial days of lockdown, Salman Khan spent his days at his Panvel farmhouse only. He also posted pictures of him with horses, feeding them green grass.

However, a report from India Today in 2018 revealed that Salman Khan offered a whopping amount of INR 2 crores to buy a rare breed horse. The horse was rare and unique in many ways. It had the ability to run at a speed of 43 kmph giving the rider a smooth ride. The horse had won 19 straight races without losing even once. Horses like them are very few in this world. One is in the US and the other is in Canada. But, the owner SIrajKhan Pathan refused the offer.