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When Shah Rukh Khan & Priyanka Chopra’s Rumoured Affair Get To Gauri Khan And Was Enraged To Divorce Shah Rukh Khan 

Reports speculate that Bollywood superstar King Khan had an affair with Priyanka Chopra
Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have been married for nearly three decades and is ideal couple for many. Their love story is like a dreamy love story that one could only wish for. From teenage lovers to following different religious faiths and fighting all odds this two are truly an commendable couple.

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan

Both SRK and Gauri have generally stayed away from controversies. However, a few years ago, many reports conjectured that King Khan is having an affair with his co-star Priyanka Chopra.
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Some reports also claimed that when Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan came to know about her husband and Priyanka Chopra's alleged affair, Gauri was ready to give him a divorce. Some people also suggested that Gauri disallowed SRK to work with Priyanka.
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As there is no confirmation on the reports, but King Khan and Priyanka did not get back together again for any other project. It is said that the two take care to avoid each other’s path. Some even say that some of the best directors and production houses supported Gauri and thus stopped giving Priyanka any work in.
A few years ago, Shah Rukh Khan reacted to the reports of him having an affair with Priyanka Chopra. He referred to her as a good friend of him and said, “To be honest, I can be a little less coalescent with actors. But with Priyanka I'm always comfortable. If my hair gets shabby then she fixes it.” He also shares that it is good to work with friends you’re comfortable with. He said, “It feels very good to work with such friends. Except for that I know what things I want to do inherently. When you work with an actor for so many hours you automatically build a good relationship with each other, it brings happiness but it feels sad when outside people give a wrong name to this relationship.”