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Aankh Micholi review

A Laugh-Out-Loud Family Comedy
Aankh Micholi

"Aankh Micholi" (2023) is a delightful comedy that follows a family of misfits trying to hide secrets from a prospective NRI suitor and his family, all in the hope of securing a well-to-do match for their daughter. Directed by Umesh Shukla and produced by Ashish Wagh, this film had me intrigued with its humorous premise. 


The ensemble cast of "Aankh Micholi" is its biggest strength, with each actor delivering a memorable performance. Mrunal Thakur leads the cast, and her portrayal as the daughter caught in the middle of her family's hilarious misadventures is endearing. The supporting cast members add to the laughter with their perfectly timed comedic acts.

Summary: "Aankh Micholi" (2023) is a rollicking comedy that revolves around a quirky family's efforts to conceal secrets from a potential NRI groom and his family, all in the pursuit of securing a prosperous match for their daughter. This riotous tale unfolds with a series of uproarious and offbeat comedic mishaps as the family members engage in a comical juggling act to safeguard their girl's hidden truths. With a humorous premise and a lively ensemble cast, the film promises an uproarious and chaotic rollercoaster of laughter and lightheartedness.


Directed by Umesh Shukla, the film keeps the comedic timing on point and maintains a lighthearted tone throughout. The director's ability to orchestrate the chaos and mishaps in the story adds to the film's entertainment value.


 Ashish Wagh ensures that "Aankh Micholi" is a well-produced comedy, with attention to detail in terms of sets and production values. This contributes to the overall enjoyment of the film.



Before watching "Aankh Micholi," I had high expectations of a fun-filled family comedy with slapstick humor and witty dialogues. The film's premise promised a laugh-out-loud experience, and I was eager to see how the cast and crew would bring this comical scenario to life.

What I Liked:

  1. Hilarious Performances: The entire cast, led by Mrunal Thakur, delivers uproarious performances that keep the audience laughing throughout.

  2. Witty Dialogues: The film is filled with witty one-liners and clever banter, adding to the humor.

  3. Chaos and Comedy: The family's antics and misadventures create a perfect storm of comedy, leaving no room for boredom.

  4. Heartwarming Moments: Amidst the laughter, the film manages to sprinkle in heartwarming moments that make you root for the characters.

What I Did Not Like:

  1. Predictable Plot: The storyline follows a somewhat predictable trajectory, which might be expected in a comedy of this nature.

where to watch this movie?

I watched it on cinema hall.


"Aankh Micholi" is a hilarious family comedy that will keep you in splits with its uproarious performances and witty humor. With a talented ensemble cast and a director who knows how to deliver the laughs, the film offers a perfect escape into a world of chaos and comedy. While the plot may follow a predictable course, it doesn't take away from the overall entertainment value. I would recommend "Aankh Micholi" to anyone looking for a good laugh and an enjoyable family comedy.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars