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Adipurush Movie Budget & Controversies Explained



Adipurush is most likely going to be one of those films that capitalize on audience outrage. Because, as you may recall, there is no such thing as bad publicity, albeit it may cost you money.

The movie was a hot topic of discussion on national television when the teaser for it debuted in October 2022. The film was originally scheduled to premiere on January 12, but the backlash caused by the teaser forced the producers to redo a lot of work.

To rework the 'offensive' VFX and editing, it is rumored that the movie makers allocated 100 crores. Adipurush has a whopping 600 crores in its overall budget. Now that the wait is officially over and Team Adipurush has revealed the release date for the movie.

The current release date for Adipurush is June 16, 2023. The creators are now taking great care to avoid starting any fresh controversies. The new Adipurush poster, which quotes from the Ramayana rather than featuring a character from the film, is the first thing to suggest this.

In keeping with its breathtaking special effects, the film will be distributed in 3D.

Earlier Controversies

The biggest point of contention surrounding the film was how the main characters appeared. Since the film is a contemporary interpretation of the Ramayana, it was only natural that many people were offended to see Lord Ram, Laxman, and even Ravana dressed strangely.


Saif Ali Khan's portrayal of Ravana was derided by the audience because, in some people's eyes, his attire—which included spikey hair and heavy kajal in his eyes—resembled that of the 'Khilji'. Prabhas wasn't viewed favorably by the crowd as Rama.

Sunny Singh's portrayal of Adipurush's Laxman, who was seen in the teaser sporting a leather belt, also offended the crowd.

Director's Clarification

AdiPurush is not merely a movie, according to the most recent declaration made by the director Om Raut, but it represents his dedication to Lord Rama. He added that the movie represents our dedication to our history and culture.

Om Raut previously opened up about how the criticism hurt him and defended the film by saying that it was "meant for the big screen."