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Amazon Music Versus Spotify: Which One's The Best For You?

Amazon Music Versus Spotify: Which One's The Best For You?


Whenever there’s talk about the top music streaming services, two names definitely crop up: Amazon Music and Spotify. Both have a massive catalog of songs and podcasts, with playlists to fit every mood and vibe. But which one is the best for you? If you want to settle that Amazon Music versus Spotify debate once and for all, read on!

Let’s compare both these platforms, and you can decide which team you’re on!

Music & Content Library

Amazon Music offers over 100 million songs, over 15 million podcast episodes as well as other audio content. What’s also worth noting is its interestingly-named feature called X-Ray. Click on it to get some fun trivia on the artist/band, and the artists behind the work.

Spotify too claims to have over 100 million songs in its library. And that’s not including the tons of audiobooks, podcasts, speeches, and dramas that it has. There’s also a feature that lets you check out the artist’s biography, their works, photographs, and more.

When it comes to playlists, both platforms are on par with each other and the algorithm and the team of playlist curators can take full credit for it. Choose any of the Daily Mix playlists and you’ll be set for the day!

The playlists on Amazon Music are curated by its editorial team and many are also made by music lovers like you. The latter is possible thanks to the Community Playlists feature which lets users share their playlists with everyone. This human element does make the recommendations great! There’s also the My Discovery Mix, which offers automated recommendations. Choose the Stations playlist and you’ll get songs for every mood.

Device Compatibility & User Interface

Both Amazon Music and Spotify offer great versatility when it comes to device compatibility. You can stream your music on your smartphones (iOS or Android), PCs (Windows or Mac), web browsers, and other devices.

Amazon Music’s app offers a no-frills experience that’s easy on the eyes too. The playlists, trending songs, recommendations, and more are all available in one place. So, a great user experience is a given. The addition of the Alexa button on the bottom right of the app is a nice touch, making ‘wireless music’ all the more accessible! All you have to do is go, “Hey Alexa, play some Rock and Roll” and you can just vibe to your music!

You also get access to exclusive videos and bite-sized clips of artists, their latest tracks, other updates, and more on Amazon Music. On the other hand, the Spotify app is quite easy to navigate too. With its premium version, it also features short videos for the playlists and recommendations that can be quite engaging to the user.

Pricing & Subscription Plans

For a lot of users, all of it may boil down to this – which music streaming platform offers a better value for money?

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you’re already entitled to Amazon Music. It’s completely ad-free, you get full access to its vast catalog with unlimited skips, and you can download all the songs for offline playback. Here are the subscription plans for Amazon Prime:

Monthly Prime: INR 299

Quarterly Prime: INR 599

Annual Prime: INR 1499

You can stream music on Spotify for free. However, it comes at a price of sorts – a considerable number of ads and it can be quite restrictive. For example, you can’t play songs in the order that you choose, go to previous songs, rewind or seek songs, and more.

So, to get the best out of Spotify, you have to subscribe to Spotify Premium. The plans are given below:

Mini: INR 7 per day, single account

Individual: INR 119 per month, single account

Duo: INR 149 per month, two accounts

Family: INR 179 per month, up to 6 accounts

When you compare the prices of both, Amazon Music sure seems pricier. But you get all the benefits of shopping from Amazon Prime like free and faster delivery, early access to sales, and more. You also get access to Prime Video which is home to several hit movies and shows. The bundled benefits of music, video, and shopping in one subscription make it worth exploring.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a side in the Prime Music vs Spotify debate can be quite the challenge, as you can see! But you can gauge the perks either platform offers and get the one that’s best for you. So which one is it going to be?