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Baanadariyalli Movie Cast, Actor, Actress, Review

Baanadariyalli Movie Cast, Actor, Actress, Review

The Kannada film "Baanadariyalli" has been generating excitement ever since its announcement, primarily due to its star-studded cast and the intriguing title. Directed by Preetham Gubbi and produced by Sri Vaare Talkies, this movie features an ensemble cast including Golden Star Ganesh, Reeshma Nanaiah, Rukmini Vasanth, and Rangayana Raghu. The music, composed by Arjun Janya, promises a mix of entertainment and emotion, though it has received mixed reviews.

The Cast and Characters

Ganesh: Known as the Golden Star of Kannada cinema, Ganesh plays Siddu, a skilled cricket player aspiring to join the state team. His character is pivotal as he navigates love, ambition, and unexpected challenges.

Baanadariyalli review: This Ganesh, Rukmini Vasanth romance is laden with  cliches

Rukmini Vasanth: Rukmini portrays Leela, a talented swimmer and passionate environmental activist. Her role is crucial as she becomes Siddu's love interest, adding depth to the narrative with her performance and charm.

Rangayana Raghu: A seasoned actor, Rangayana Raghu plays Vasu, Leela's father. His character's dream of going on an African Safari with his daughter forms a significant part of the storyline.

Reeshma Nanaiah: Reeshma plays a traveler in the film. Although her role is not central to the plot, she adds to the movie's diverse character ensemble.

Review and Analysis

"Baanadariyalli" aims to recapture the magic of Ganesh's previous light-hearted yet emotionally charged films. It starts promisingly with humor and sentiment but falters due to a predictable plot and weak writing. The first half focuses on Siddu's efforts to impress Leela and win over her father, a narrative that feels overused and outdated.

The second half, unfortunately, does not redeem the film. The storyline takes an unconvincing turn, disrupting the flow and exposing the superficial aspects of the story. An especially unrealistic scene involving a chase with African tribes highlights the film's lack of authenticity and depth.


Ganesh delivers a solid performance as Siddu, comfortably fitting into the role of a beloved sportsman. Rangayana Raghu, as Vasu, is strong, portraying the character's caring nature and dreams with ease. Rukmini Vasanth stands out with her radiant smile and convincing portrayal of Leela. However, Reeshma Nanaiah's role as a traveler feels more like a filler, not adding much to the overall plot.


Music, an essential aspect of Ganesh's films, falls short in "Baanadariyalli." Though Arjun Janya's composition, especially the song "Gold Point," provides some respite, it does not elevate the movie to the expected levels.


"Baanadariyalli" attempts to blend humor, romance, and adventure but struggles with its execution. While the performances by Ganesh, Rukmini Vasanth, and Rangayana Raghu are commendable, the film's shallow plot and weak writing undermine their efforts. For those seeking a nostalgic experience, revisiting the original "Baanadariyalli" song by Puneeth Rajkumar or watching a wildlife documentary might be more satisfying options.