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Blind Item Revealed: Career in Trouble

theopinionatedindian has published a blind item about an actress whose career & personal life, both seem to be in trouble. Friends have told us that she is not as cute & innocent as she seems. Her voice during interviews is not her actual voice. She has an over-active PR team that is present on all Bollywood-related forums & they keep painting the picture of her being a down-to-earth star kid who is a sweetheart. Her appearances at an actor's funeral when no one else bothered to be present & polarizing events got her a lot of attention - only she can tell whether it was genuine or whether they were PR stunts.


Her parents have a strong say in her professional & personal life - especially her father. That's rich considering her father himself was caught on camera literally pleading with a gal to sleep with him in exchange for acting jobs. It is said that the actress gets annoyed at any mention of her father's philandering. Her father disapproved of both of her two celeb ex-BF's, but is gung-ho about her latest BF with whom she has been going steady for quite some time.

Blind Item

As per sources & industry watchers, this actress is facing trouble in her career. Her next film which was to be shot at a foreign locale has been shelved. There is no update about the remake of a yesteryear movie, which inspired several seasons of a TV show either. That means post the release of a movie that also stars two male A-listers & is directed by a filmmaker known for his male chauvinistic movies, she has no movies in her kitty. There have been rumors of things not going great on the personal front either - she has been fighting with her BF of several years.

Our Guess

Actress: Shraddha Kapoor

Foreign Locale Movie: Chalbaaz In London

Remake: Naagin

Movie With A-listers: Luv Ranjan Movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgn & Shraddha Kapoor