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Blind Item Revealed: The Casting Agent

This casting director has been discussed on numerous rumour forums. Casting directors identify the actors who will bring the characters in a film or television drama to life. They are hired by the entertainment industry to match actors to roles. Casting directors are influential figures in the industry who have the ability to build or break careers. That's why no one bothers them or exposes them as a casting couch. All of the individuals who exposed the casting directors have lost popularity.

Blind Item

While many male casting directors were outed during the MeToo movement, a female casting director who is notorious for making actors go through the casting couch escaped unscathed. What many Bollywood insiders & our sources told us was that all aspiring actors have to go through the casting couch if they ever hope to get the plum projects from the studio she works for. Many actors credit her for giving them a break in Bollywood. The production house in question is easily one of the biggest studios in the country. Many would give a limb for the three-film deal that the production house offers actors who manage to crack their auditions. The casting director used & dumped a renowned TV star. She lured him with the promise of a three film deal with the studio but ghosted him after she was done with him. As per our sources, even  Assistant Directors have to bed her before starting their Bollywood journey, working for top filmmakers who are on the studio's payroll.

It is rumored that the Assistant directors are treated like toy boys. Another victim is an actor who was seen in the studio boss's last directorial, which bombed badly. At least two actors who are rumored to have been through her casting couch, are bonafide superstars today. While many will cheer at the sight of a woman turning the tables on men, the victims will have a different viewpoint.

Our Guess
Casting Agent: Shanoo Sharma
Studio: YRF
Superstars: Ranveer Singh, Aayushmann Khurrana
TV Star: Shaheer Shaikh
Actor: Armaan Ralhaan