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Blind Item Revealed: The Open Marriage (theopinionatedindian)

This website had published a blind item a few days back about a Bollywood superstar couple having an open marriage. We have heard from several people about this rumor being true. A friend who is part of the industry too confirmed having heard this rumor. The superstar actress has always had a reputation of being a floozie. She admitted in her interviews that she was never single. Be it, married men, sports stars, actors - she has dated them all. The husband too spoke about having lost his virginity at a young age. A group of standup comics too made jokes about his sexual appetite. Looks like it is a match truly made in heaven. 

Blind Item

It is now well known among Bollywood gossip fans that this superstar couple has an open marriage. As per a source, the wife had a fallout with a BFF after she hooked up with her BFF's director-husband. They had a huge fight over it. The BFF then became more inclined towards her fiercest rival. The relationship between the actress & her ex-BFF is strained currently. Meanwhile, the superstar's superstar husband was seen making out with a model at a fashion event related to his critically acclaimed musical hit a few years back. It is rumored that the husband hooks up with almost every model who works with him on his ad shoots. The husband's management team makes models sign an NDA if they want to feature with him in his ads. The wife last hooked up with a character actor(he too featured in the musical hit) turned lead actor recently. Our sources think it is just a matter of time before she hooks up with a Greek god superstar - they will start working on a movie soon. 

The female superstar has reportedly slashed her fees to bag the project opposite the Greek god. There were reports about the husband-wife having a spat over him getting close to a staff member at the wrap-up party of their production. We wonder whether it was jealousy or her annoyance with him not being able to keep it in his pants in public. While many have written about the husband being a sex addict, not many knew about the women with whom slept with - now you know!

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