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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: Biopic Casting Reversal

The top actress mentioned in the blind item was dating the superstar whose recent film bombed. We're curious how she was able to tolerate his womanising. Or was he cheating on her and she had no idea? Some gossip forums claim that the top actress was also not of the exclusive type - we don't know how true this is because none of our sources were able to confirm it. The leading lady is a control freak with a short temper. She was a fierce rival to her ex-wife. boyfriend's Both were competing for the same films and brand endorsements. As soon as he ended his relationship with the top actress, he began dating his current wife.

Blind Item

A top actress who was on a sabbatical was literally forced to reverse her decision of not starring in the biopic of a female sports star. She was supposed to star in the biopic initially but then decided to just be the producer of the movie & make a much younger actress play the lead role. The younger actress has been going steady with her brother & is literally family to her. The top actress even made sure that a top celeb management agency which is run by a big-shot filmmaker takes the younger actress under their wings. But sadly a recent sports-based movie bombing at the box office made the OTT streaming giant which was about to purchase the rights for the movie do a rethink. They are rumored to have pressurized the top actress to star in the biopic or let go of the lucrative deal. The top actress had no option but to star in her production at the cost of the younger actress.

The film's first look poster which was released yesterday has received mixed reactions. One ex-India cricketer's comment shocked us. It looks like the actress & her husband are not liked by many in the sports fraternity. That explains why several sports stars keep taking potshots at the couple. The wife's interference in her husband's domain is also rumored to have made things worse. The ex-BF of the top actress(the one's whose big-budget production bombed) had mentioned how the actress was a control freak when they were dating. Looks like she hasn't changed much since then.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please drop a comment with your guesses.

Our Guess

Top Actress: Anushka Sharma
Younger Actress: Tripti Dimrii
Movie: Jhulan Goswami Biopic