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Chandu Champion Ending Explained!!!

Chandu Champion Ending Explained: Unraveling the Final Twist!
 Chandu Champion Ending Explained!!!

Many unforgettable Hindi film sports dramas have examined the deep emotional effects of sports on people. Of these, Sarpatta Parambarai by Pa. Ranjith is regarded as one of the best boxing films in India, while Maidaan by Ajay Devgn chronicles the life of an Indian football team coach. Shah Rukh Khan stars in the cult classic Chak De India directed by Shimit Amin. Following in same footsteps, Chandu Champion, directed and written by Kabir Khan, honors Muralikant Petkar, an unsung hero whose motivational tale merits hearing.

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Why Did Muralikant Want The Arjuna Award?
Aged and with his medals, Muralikant Petkar goes to his hometown, Peth Islampur's police station with his son to file a fraud complaint against India's presidents, both present and former. This unexpected request first confuses Sachin Tamble, the local station Senior Inspector. As Muralikant explains, he wants his town to be recognized for the Arjuna Award in the hopes that this will encourage the state or federal government to make essential infrastructural investments. Everyone in the station is left amazed by this fascinating reason, and they are waiting impatiently to hear his narrative to find out if he deserves the Arjuna Award.

How Did Muralikant Grow Up?
Muralikant Petkar, who was born deep inside Maharashtra, was motivated by the first Indian to earn an Olympic bronze medal. Frequently, his classmates called him "Chandu Champion," or "Loser." Young Muralikant entered a nearby akhada (wrestling school) determined to disprove them and becoming an Olympian. He proved his mettle when, in spite of being advised to take it easy, he beat the son of a local wealthy man. Muralikant fled and joined the Indian army after this act generated strife in the hamlet.

Did the Army Offer Muralikant Plenty of Sports Opportunities?
Though Muralikant found life in the Indian army difficult, Karnail Singh, a friend, made it easier. The army gave Muralikant the facilities and instruction he needed to follow his Olympic aspirations. Tiger Ali, an Indian military officer preparing young boxers, was drawn to his enthusiasm and tenacity. Muralikant was a wrestler, but thanks in large part to Tiger Ali's guidance, his unwavering training and willpower qualified him for the International Military Games in Tokyo.

What transpired at Tokyo?
Muralikant and his other boxers in Tokyo, Karnail among them, had early success. Muralikant even prevailed against a Turkish world champion to land an interview on a local television station. But his chase of approval and achievement resulted in a crushing setback that ended his stay in Tokyo and let Tiger Ali, his mentor, down.

For Muralikant, was the 1965 War tragic?
Refocusing on the Asian Games, Muralikant hopes to qualify for the Olympics. Once more, he went to Tiger Ali for guidance, but Tiger had lost trust. Tiger Ali suffered major injuries and Karnail died when the Pakistani Air Force struck their camp in Kashmir. Nine rounds actually struck Muralikant. A bullet near his spine caused him to wake up two years later with partial paralysis.

Had Muralikant's Family Forgotten About Him?
Muralikant had surgery at the Mumbai military hospital, INHS Asvini. But the surgery failed, and his family deserted him because they could not afford his care. Muralikant tried suicide out of despair, but he lived and went on to win a local lottery later. He was motivated to live for himself and seek physical rehabilitation by this event.

Why Did Muralikant Choose to Compete in the Paralympics?
Tiger Ali pushed Muralikant to compete at the Paralympics and emulate his hero, Dara Singh. At first dubious, Muralikant started taking swimming classes with Tiger Ali because it involved less leg exercise. He convinced the Olympic committee to allow him compete for India in the 1972 Munich Paralympics despite financial difficulties.

How Did Things Go during the Olympics in Munich?
Tiger Ali and Muralikant were there when the terrible Black September attack on the Israeli team at the Munich Olympics occurred. Later on, Heidelberg, Germany, became the host of the Paralympics. Muralikant fought even after suffering an injury in the semifinals.

Did the local journalist publish the story of Muralikant?
Muralikant was contacted by interested police officers in 2017 who, moved by his narrative, tried to have it published. Muralikant was unknown because, as the journalist found out, many of his documents were not digitised. Her contacts enabled her to get important information that illuminated Muralikant's narrative.

Did Muralikant Finish First in the Paralympics?
Muralikant was the outsider in the Heidelberg Paralympics in 1972. Motivated by a wish to motivate others, he persisted on participating despite a brain injury. In swimming at the Paralympics, he became the first Indian to win gold. Despite their misgivings, his family was proud of him.

Has Muralikant Petkar Received the Arjuna Award?
Muralikant Petkar's overlooked accomplishments were brought to light in a 2017 journalistic piece. In 2018 he was awarded the Padma Shri for his services to sports as a result of this increased attention. The movie closes with actual video of Muralikant winning the award from President Ram Nath Kovind and being greeted as a hero in his hometown. His now well-known narrative motivated a whole new generation.

Heartfelt in its homage to Muralikant Petkar, Chandu Champion chronicles his amazing journey from a bullied child to a gold medalist in the Paralympics and his eventual designation as a national hero.