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Dahaad Series Ending, Cast, Explained

Unraveling Dahaad: Ending Explained, Cast Details, and More

Dahaad on Prime Video follows a group of police officers investigating a number of suicides in Mandawa under the direction of Anjali Bhaati, Devilal Singh, and Kailash Parghi. The police are able to focus on Anand Swarnakar in spite of several deterrents put in place by upper-caste Hindu politicians who wish to portray everything as part of a plot against the Muslim minority. Anjali finds it difficult to connect Anand to the instances that appear unrelated because he is a teacher, has a wife and child, and comes from an upper-caste household. However, Anjali is getting closer to locking Anand up after discovering a survivor (Sindoora), arresting Anand's brother Shiv, and witnessing the breakdown of Anand and Vandana's marriage. Without further ado, let's examine Dahaad Season 1's conclusion.

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Dahaad: Ending Explained (In Detail)

How Would Anand Swarnakar Entrap Innocent Victims?

Anand, a family man, is a master of disguise and manipulation. He assumes a unique identity while pursuing his victims, posing as a true lover who wants to be in a relationship for money. The women he preys on come from various religious and caste-based backgrounds, but they all have reluctance towards arranged marriage and their families' inability to pay dowry. Anand pretends to be a true lover, pretending to be a true lover who wants to be in a relationship for the money. He initiates casual conversations, pressures the women into elopement, and then takes explicit pictures as insurance. He lies about a malfunction with his condom, prompting the need for a contraceptive pill, which he laces with cyanide, and pushes them towards their death. This story highlights Anand's ability to manipulate and manipulate people, even in front of his family, school, and police.

Why Did Anand Use To Kill Innocent Women?

Anand's childhood trauma, including witnessing his father's abuse of his mother and her murder, can be attributed to childhood trauma or a product of patriarchal society that teaches men to hate women. Anand's contempt for women is evident in his actions, such as luring a student into writing a love letter to him, which demonstrates his dislike for women who have their own minds. Anand believes that women should conform to societal rules and that if they chose to marry a stranger, they would be alive and thriving. However, these women chose to counter patriarchy and the dowry system, leading to their deaths. Anand's student, for example, was forced to marry due to her parents' perception of education as a gateway to promiscuity. In summary, Anand targets unmarried women who choose to live with someone they love, believing it is an immoral act that needs severe punishment.

What Causes Anand Swarnakar To Go On The Run?

The deaths of Anand's victims were a mystery, with the girls locked in a bathroom and consumed cyanide. Anjali discovered Anand was giving them contraceptive pills laced with cyanide, paralleling serial killer Cyanide Mohan. Anand's brother, Shiv, was framed for the crime by placing his car and water bottle at the scene and leaving obscene pictures. The police arrested Shiv, who had cyanide in his gold-making shop, but was oblivious to the allegations. His inability to comprehend the situation is mistaken for non-cooperative behavior.Sindoora regains consciousness after a panic attack and attempted suicide due to her abuser, Anand, resurfacing and police questioning about her past. As time is running out, Anjali asks Vandana to reveal the truth about Anand. She gives pictures from Shiv's car to Vandana, hoping to associate them with Anand. She notices a victim wearing the same necklace Anand gave him during their marriage, and realizes Anand is not who he claims to be. Anjali confronts Anand, who locks her up, steals clothes, and runs away, confirming Anand's villainy. Sindoora identifies Anand and agrees to testify against him, further confirming Anand's villainy.

What Was Anand Planning To Do With Miriam And Renuka?

In Dahaad Season 1, Anand escapes Mandawa and lands in Mumbai, where he tells Shiv about their mother's death and their father's involvement. The story highlights Anand's ruthlessness and his desire for a "wife" to maintain appearances while committing unthinkable crimes. Anand's easy change of identities and settling in various states demonstrates the system's potential for deception.

After settling down as a Hindi teacher and making Miriam too dependent on him, Anand resumes his seducing, fornicating, and killing process, targeting a nurse named Renuka. Anjali and Devilal are behind in their search for Anand in Nagpur, exhausted by the time they learn of his presence in Goa. They head back to Mandawa after the fridge in Anand's house breaks down and Miriam pays for a mechanic.

Anjali, Devilal, and Kailash head to Goa to nab Anand, who has already promised Renuka to marry her for physical intimacy. Fortunately, Anjali, her team, and the Goa police locate the hotel Anand and Renuka are in and arrest him. If they had waited until the next morning, Anand would have given Renuka a cyanide-laced contraceptive pill and killed her.

‘Dahaad’ Ending Explained: What Lies In Anjali, Devilal, And Kailash’s Future?

In the end of Dahaad, Anand is brought to Mandawa and jailed for his crimes. Anjali questions Anand's actions and he reflects on the concept of punishing promiscuous women. However, real-life killers like Anand see themselves as the rule-makers for everyone, especially women, and resort to discrimination or murder if anyone tries to revolt. Unable to digest his defeat, Anand takes a final swing at Anjali's image with casteist slurs and her proximity to her boss, Devilal. Anjali changes her surname to Meghwal, as her father had changed their family surname to Bhaati to avoid caste-based discrimination.

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The rest of the characters, including Anand, Vandana, Shiv, Tarini, and Anand's father, are likely to move on. Kapish, who is rumored to blame himself for his father's incarceration, is uncertain about his future. Devilal's family is also fractured, with his kids loving him and their mother. Shivangi is convinced that Devilal is having an affair with Anjali, but it is not entirely wrong. Shivangi's progressive views are uncertain, and the fate of Nupur is uncertain. The hope is that Nupur becomes an independent and successful individual, rather than cementing her mother's apprehensions.

Kailash's scene in Dahaad Season 2 is disappointing as it fails to spark a conversation about the practice of giving birth without considering the world they are entering. He echoes the feelings of Millennials and Gen Z about marriage and having children, but his commentary on the child in Neelam's womb goes nowhere. This may be intentional to show that people are discussing population control and the state of the country without considering the child's place in Indian society. Kailash's decision to ignore his promotion chances and witness the inter-faith couple's marriage sets a good precedent for how people should view such relationships. As of now, there are no announcements regarding Dahaad Season 2, but if it does get greenlit, the showrunners should follow these plot threads while tackling another dangerous case that speaks to the times we are living in.