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Dhokha Round D Corner Story & Ending Explained

Unveiling 'Dhokha: Round D Corner': A Thrilling Ride through Mumbai's Shadows
Dhokha Round D Corner

The film "Dhokha: Round D Corner" starts off with a CGI drone shot of Mumbai, which may come across as cheesy and unnecessary, setting the tone for a turbulent and unpredictable journey. It is a crime thriller that revolves around Saanchi Sinha, a woman diagnosed with a personality disorder, who becomes a hostage to a menacing terrorist driven by a specific objective. The movie takes us on a suspenseful journey as Saanchi and the terrorist engage in a game of cat-and-mouse, leaving everyone to question whose version of events can be trusted. "Dhokha: Round D Corner" presents a peculiar blend of a chase and a puzzle, where unraveling the truth becomes the ultimate goal.


‘Dhokha: Round D Corner’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The opening scene of "Dhokha: Round D Corner" presents a montage set to a song, showcasing the happy marriage of Yathaarth and Saanchi as they move into a new apartment and begin setting up their home. However, their relationship gradually starts to deteriorate, marked by increasing arguments and discontentment. Saanchi feels unappreciated for her efforts in managing the household, while Yathaarth, a workaholic showing signs of controlling behavior, struggles to understand Saanchi's frustrations. One morning, in a fit of anger, Saanchi demands a divorce and asks Yathaarth to speak with his lawyers, a request he ignores, leaving their marriage at a stalemate. Saanchi also reveals her plans to go to the UK. Meanwhile, Yathaarth, disgruntled, discusses his situation at work with his boss. Despite his reluctance, he is tasked with leading an important client meeting overseas, a responsibility he had initially spearheaded. Yathaarth is upset but is encouraged by his boss to view it as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Yathaarth also seeks guidance from Saanchi's psychiatrist, Vidya, who helps her cope with their troubled relationship. Both Saanchi and Yathaarth are unable to find a resolution, and their marriage hangs in a state of deadlock.

At work, Yathaarth watches the news and sees reporters covering a breaking story at his gated compound. A terrorist has taken a woman hostage, and Yathaarth suspects it is Saanchi. Frantically, he rushes to the scene, informing the police that it is his apartment and that Saanchi suffers from a personality disorder requiring specific medications every four hours. ACP Harish Malik takes charge of the hostage situation. The terrorist, Haq Gul, demands the release of Jibran. As the events unfold, Yathaarth becomes increasingly certain that the hostage is indeed Saanchi. Confusion engulfs Yathaarth as he grapples to understand the situation. Haq Gul, known for a past act of terrorism that claimed the lives of 12 boys, reveals his own story. He claims that he had arrived in Mumbai seeking honest work and was falsely accused of being a terrorist after unknowingly delivering a bomb.

Simultaneously, ACP Malik weaves another narrative, portraying Haq Gul as a trained terrorist on a mission to create chaos through a bomb plot. Under immense pressure from his superiors to resolve the hostage situation swiftly, Malik faces political tensions and the looming threat of NSG commando involvement. He strives to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution without any casualties.

‘Dhokha: Round D Corner’ Ending Explained – Who Killed Saanchi Sinha? What Happens To Haq Gul And Yathaarth?

Saanchi's true nature aligns with Yathaarth's claims, as she begins to manipulate Haq by instructing him to mix her psychiatric pills into her food and drinks. Haq complies by adding the pills to her tea. Saanchi starts seducing Haq, intending to win him over to her side so that he will fight for her cause when the time comes. She firmly believes that Yathaarth and her psychiatrist, Vidya, are having an affair. Yathaarth cannot end their marriage due to Saanchi's wealth, as doing so would mean losing access to her money. Saanchi believes that giving Yathaarth her psychiatric medications will benefit him, and with Vidya's support, they can manipulate Saanchi's condition to secure Yathaarth's control over her wealth. Haq falls for Saanchi's seduction and agrees to help her escape their current situation. He promises to elope with her to their home state of Kashmir for a new life. Aware of her actions, Saanchi utilizes every trick in her arsenal to free herself. She convinces Haq to empty the gun, take her downstairs, and, under the pretense of holding her hostage with an unloaded weapon known only to them, escape to a car in the basement and drive away. Saanchi cunningly relies on her charm to manipulate Haq into following her bidding. Unfortunately for Haq, the plan goes awry when Saanchi reveals, while he holds her, that the gun is unloaded. Haq, filled with rage and betrayal, breaks a glass door and threatens her life with a shard of glass.

Furious at falling for Saanchi's deceit, Haq ensures she remains his hostage, continually changing his demands. Now, he demands 50 lakhs and a car as a means of escape. The government refuses to meet such a ransom, prompting Yathaarth to take it upon himself to arrange the cash in order to rescue his wife. He retrieves money from his own account and seeks assistance from a friend. Yathaarth is prepared to offer the cash to Haq, but ACP Malik intervenes, preventing him from doing so at that moment. Yathaarth shares his predicament of dealing with a wife who not only has a personality disorder but is also involved in an affair. Yathaarth comes across as a principled man living by his values. He starts viewing Malik as a friend and confides in him about his marital troubles. In turn, Malik sympathizes with Yathaarth's situation and assures him that the Mumbai Police can swiftly resolve the hostage situation. Upon receiving the ransom money, Haq receives instructions on how to proceed when Yathaarth enters his home. As Yathaarth heads toward his apartment, gunshots are heard a few minutes later. Malik and his forces rush to the scene, only to find Saanchi dead, with Haq repeatedly claiming his innocence. Haq is rearrested, tried, and sentenced to death. Additionally, it is revealed that he is mentally unstable, granting him immunity from execution until he is deemed mentally stable.

As Haq Gul returns to jail, Yathaarth's true nature is exposed. Saanchi was correct about Yathaarth's intentions to prove her mentally unstable in order to gain control over her assets. Yathaarth, in collaboration with Vidya, administered medications that worsened Saanchi's mental health, contrary to his public claims. When Yathaarth went upstairs with the ransom money to confront Haq, he seized the opportunity to disclose the truth to Saanchi about his intentions. He used Haq's possession of the gun to shoot her multiple times. Concurrently, ACP Malik's true identity is revealed: he had an affair with Saanchi when she visited his police station for a verification process. Realizing that Saanchi intended to marry ACP Malik, who was already married, he bribed and convinced Haq Gul to kill her, subsequently framing Haq as mentally unstable to save him from a death sentence. Ultimately, Haq's reality comes to light as well. He admits to Saanchi that he knows ACP Malik intends to kill her and requests that she seek revenge if Malik causes any harm to him. Both men in Saanchi's life sought to eliminate her for their own selfish reasons. Yathaarth was driven by greed, while ACP Malik feared that their affair would jeopardize his family. In the end, Saanchi paid the price as her life became a mere pawn in a game played by men who never valued her. Among all the participants, Haq emerges as the most naive and gullible, falling for Saanchi's charm and ACP Malik's lies, only to be betrayed by them.

Final Thoughts

"Dhokha: Round D Corner" is an epitome of disappointment and a perplexing experience. This movie falls short in essential elements required for a film, such as a cohesive screenplay, proficient editing, a compelling storyline, and subpar acting. Despite its unconventional title, featuring a "D" instead of "the," this film showcases the evident struggles that must have been endured during its production, rendering the brittle script unbearable on both screen and OTT platforms. The exaggerated delivery of dialogues, sloppy screenplay execution, and remarkably subpar performances by the male actors, who are generally regarded as some of the best in the industry, further contribute to its downfall. While attempting unnecessary twists and turns reminiscent of an Abbas Mustan film, "Dhokha: Round D Corner" fails to deliver the masala that was typically associated with Abbas Mustan's works. It is unfortunate that "Dhokha: Round D Corner" could have explored any subject matter other than the one it chose. Presently, the film is available for streaming on Netflix with subtitles.