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Divya Tanwar UPSC Marksheet Biography, Age, Family, Wiki, Height in 2023


Do you aim to achieve top marks in an esteemed and difficult exam? If so, you should celebrate the remarkable journey of the UPSC candidate Divya Tanwar from the small town of Nimbi, Mahendragarh, and Haryana. Divya's father passed away in 2011 and her mother works in a school canteen to make ends meet. She has made it a point to succeed in the UPSC exam even though she had come from a modest background. She made her village proud by getting through the UPSC successfully in her first attempt. Divya, who was born and bred in Nimbi, initially studied in the Manu school and then was selected to attend the Navodaya school.

Divya Tanwar achieved the esteemed rank of AIR-438 in the UPSC exams. As a result, she has garnered considerable attention on the internet, and she attributes her success to the use of YouTube tutorials and books. Additionally, she has been preparing for the Indian Administrative Service tests and attending mock interviews. Furthermore, she stated that initially, she allocated around seven to eight hours for studying, but increased it to eleven to twelve hours as the prelims and mains approached. Furthermore, Divya had only relied on self-study for her UPSC preparation and declared: "If I could do it, any other person could achieve it too, as long as they stay determined and keep working hard, despite any obstacles that come their way."

 Divya Tanwar UPSC Marksheet Biography, Age, Family, Wiki, Height in 2023

Divya Tanwar UPSC Marksheet

If you are prepping for the UPSC CSE examination, the most assured and motivating feeling can be elicited by going through the scores of the top-scorers and triumphant IAS aspirants. It will give you an understanding of the marks earned by the toppers so you can formulate your approach appropriately. Divya Tanwar's marks table is presented here to give you inspiration. If you wish to achieve your aspirations too, enrol in the best online coaching for IAS for supervision and accurate study material. Let's probe and strive persistently in the right direction to clear the UPSC examination. The table is provided below.

# Written Total:- 751

# Personality Test:- 179

# Total Marks:- 930