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End Of Era': 5 K-Pop Groups Disbanded In 2024

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In 2024, numerous well-known K-pop groups disbanded, signaling the end of an era for fans. Cherry Bullet, TFN, Nature, Kep1er, and D1CE are five major groups that have disbanded this year.
Cherry Bullet, a girl trio known for their colorful performances, broke up in April 2024 after five years. The members opted to pursue independent careers after conversations with their agency, FNC Entertainment.
TFN, a boy band under MLD Entertainment, likewise ended their tour in February 2024. The group disbanded due to problems such as changes in membership and management decisions.

'End of era': 5 K-pop groups disbanded in 2023

Nature, another popular girl group, broke up in March 2024. The group, known for their catchy songs and dynamic dancing, disbanded due to expiring contracts and members' desire to pursue new chances.

Kep1er, a project group founded through the survival show "Girls Planet 999," will officially disband in July 2024. The group disbanded because the members couldn't agree on contract renewals. Kep1er had a tremendous effect in their short time, and their departure was bittersweet for fans.

Finally, D1CE, a boy group managed by D1CE Entertainment, split in January 2024. The group's inactivity owing to military enlistment of its members had a significant role in the decision to disband. The members are now focused on their military duty and future personal activities.

The disbandment of these groups marks a major shift in the K-pop landscape. While it is always difficult for fans to watch their favorite ensembles split up, it also provides opportunities for the artists to grow and pursue new professional paths. Fans remain optimistic and supportive, anticipating the new ventures their beloved heroes will embark on in the future.