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Interesting Facts About News24 Channel

News24 Channel: Transforming the News Landscape with a Fresh Perspective

News24, a 24-hour Hindi news television channel, has become a prominent player in India's media sphere since its establishment in 2007. Owned by B.A.G. Films and Media Limited, this channel, which is free-to-air in India, has recently undergone a transformation, including the introduction of a new logo, signaling a fresh start.

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Dynamic Leadership and Ownership

Founded by Anurradha Prasad and her husband, Rajeev Shukla, a notable Indian National Congress politician, News24 is led by Anuradha Prasad, who serves as the chairperson and managing director of B.A.G. Films and Media Limited. Under her guidance, the channel has diversified its interests, venturing into production, television broadcasting, radio, new media ventures, and education.

Notable TV Programs

News24 boasts an impressive lineup of TV shows that cater to a diverse audience. Some of its notable programs include "Sabse Bada Sawal," "Rashtra Ki Baat," and "Mahaul Kya Hai?" These shows inform and engage viewers, making News24 a preferred choice for news consumption.

Aiming for a Revamp

News24 Broadcast India Limited, a subsidiary of the BAG Network, is gearing up for a significant rebranding initiative to modernize its identity and capitalize on its expanding viewership. This strategic move reflects the channel's commitment to staying relevant and resonating with its audience in a dynamic media landscape.

Global Reach and Inclusivity

With a focus on the global Indian audience, News24 delivers news that is credible, authentic, and timely. Its tagline, 'Har Hindustani Ka Channel,' emphasizes inclusivity, showcasing the channel's dedication to empowering its viewers with diverse perspectives and insights.

The Vision of Anurradha Prasad

Anurradha Prasad's vision for News24's rebranding underscores the evolving nature of the television industry. She recognizes the need for continuous evolution to meet the changing demands of viewers. The upcoming brand evolution aims to position News24 as a channel that prioritizes public perspectives, ensuring that it remains a trusted source of news and information.

Embracing Change for a Brighter Future

As News24 embarks on its rebranding journey, it seeks to redefine its identity across all platforms, including mobile and digital properties. This strategic approach reflects the channel's commitment to embracing change and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving media landscape.

In conclusion, News24's journey is a testament to its commitment to delivering quality news and engaging content to its viewers. As it undergoes a transformation, it remains poised to continue its legacy of informing, inspiring, and empowering its audience, making it a channel to watch in the world of Hindi news television.