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Jalan (Hunters) Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Release Date


Know about the popular web series of Hunter app ‘Jalan’ and know all the important details about the cast, actress, name, release date, and complete details about the series.It is a popular web series of the Hunters app which was released on the 22nd March,2023. This series is full of drama, romance, and fantasy and the lead star cast of this series includes Aishwarya Agrawal and Rani Pari, Aashima Aashi, and Prashant Deshpande. This series is available in Hindi language and has a total of 4 episodes in it. To watch this series, the viewers have to buy a subscription to the Hunters app.

Cast and roles of Jalan Web series

Aishwarya Agrawal is playing the character of wife


Prashant Deshpande is playing the character of the husband

Aashima Aashi is playing the character of girl 2.

Rani Pari plays the character of a girl.

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So, this article was all about the web series Jalan which is available on the ott platform Hunters application, and it contains all the important information about the show.