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Jawan Ending Explained

"Jawan" Ending Explained: The Fate of Kalee and Clues for a Sequel
Jawan Ending Explained



"Jawan," the action-packed Bollywood blockbuster featuring Shah Rukh Khan as Vikram Rathore and Vijay Sethupathi as Kalee Gaikwad, has left audiences buzzing with excitement and curiosity. The film, directed by Atlee, weaves a complex narrative, addressing issues like farmer suicides, health infrastructure, and industrial mishaps within the framework of a riveting action thriller. As fans dissect the film's ending, questions arise about Kalee's ultimate fate and whether an end credits scene hints at a potential sequel. In this article, we'll unravel the mysteries of the "Jawan" ending and explore the possibilities of a follow-up.

The Rivalry's Roots: Vikram, Azad, and Kalee

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The central conflict in "Jawan" revolves around Vikram Rathore, a presumed-dead special forces soldier, his son Azad, and Kalee Gaikwad, the fourth-largest arms dealer in the world. The feud between these characters traces back to the 1980s when Kalee sold malfunctioning rifles to the Indian Army, resulting in the death of an entire platoon. Vikram's special forces team was sent to deal with the same terrorists, suffering a similar fate due to the faulty weapons. Instead of letting it slide, Vikram pushed for an internal inquiry into these weapons, humiliating Kalee in the process. In retaliation, Kalee targeted Vikram and his wife, Aishwarya, leading to Vikram's apparent demise.

Aishwarya, facing execution for allegedly conspiring with Vikram, was spared when authorities discovered she was pregnant with Vikram's child. She raised their son, Azad, within the confines of prison. As Azad grew up, he vowed to avenge the wrongful imprisonment of girls and began to hinder Kalee's expanding empire. The rivalry became personal when Azad married a high-profile officer, Narmada, making him a target for Kalee's informant, Irani. However, a twist of fate led to Azad's reunion with Vikram, intensifying their vendetta against Kalee.

Kalee's Demise and the Execution

In the film's climax, Vikram, Azad, and their team launched coordinated attacks on Kalee's operations. Narmada and her group intercepted a convoy carrying electronic voting machines (EVMs), aiming to expose corrupt politicians. Azad took the opportunity to demand the shutdown of companies poisoning the nation. Madhavan Naik, a negotiator, realized Azad's demands had to be met to protect corrupt politicians. Azad, addressing the public, emphasized the power of their votes and the need to hold leaders accountable.

As Azad and Vikram tracked down Kalee, a standoff ensued. Just when it seemed Kalee might kill Vikram, his malfunctioning gun rekindled Vikram's memory. Vikram and Azad unleashed their fury on Kalee and his henchmen. Ultimately, they dragged Kalee to the execution room and hanged him, symbolizing justice for their personal losses.

Clues for a Sequel: The End Credits Scene

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During the end credits, Vikram, Azad, and their team are seen vacationing abroad. Madhavan Naik unexpectedly appears, holding Azad at gunpoint. However, their laughter and embrace reveal that Naik is Azad's covert ally. This partnership hints at a new mission, involving Swiss banks and their role in sheltering illicit funds.

Swiss banks are known for their secrecy and have become a haven for the corrupt to stash ill-gotten wealth. The film suggests that Vikram and Azad are determined to expose this corruption and recover the funds. While the film may not delve deeply into the mechanics of Swiss banking, it signifies a broader mission to confront corruption.

Additionally, a loose end remains in the form of Kalee's daughter, Alia. Her response to her family's downfall is uncertain, and she could potentially become a villain in a sequel, seeking revenge against Vikram and Azad.


The ending of "Jawan" provides closure to the rivalry between Vikram, Azad, and Kalee while teasing the potential for a sequel. The collaboration between Azad and Naik in the end credits scene hints at a new mission involving Swiss banks and fighting corruption. With the loose thread of Alia's character, there is ample room for a follow-up that could explore these themes further, all while leveraging Shah Rukh Khan's star power for thrilling action sequences, comedy, and inspiring monologues. "Jawan 2" promises to be an exciting continuation of this action-packed saga.