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Kannada TV Serial Putta Gowri Maduve Cast & Crew

Supporting Actors and Actresses
Putta Gowri Maduve

1. Koli Ramya
Koli Ramya is an Indian on-screen character known for her ubiquity among Kannada and Tamil tv groups of onlookers, as well as in the Kannada film industry. She made her make a big appearance in the tv arrangement "Sose Thanda Sowbhagya."

2. Radhika Minchu
Radhika Minchu, a well-known Kannada performing artist unmistakable in TV serials, was born on June 20th. She completed her M.Com degree at Mysore College. Radhika picked up acknowledgment for her part as Durga in the prevalent arrangement "Aramane Gilli," coordinated by Nagesh Maiya. She featured nearby Pavithra Lokesh, Arjun Yogesh, Varshika Nayak, and Padmaja Rao in this Star Suvarna telecast. Moreover, Radhika showed up in the serial "Putmalli" on Star Suvarna, sharing the screen with Raksha Gowda and Sharath.

In another eminent part, Radhika depicted Goddess Saraswati in the legendary arrangement "Shri Vishnu Dashavathara," coordinated by Dheeraj Kumar. Her co-stars in this arrangement included Amith Kashyap, Nisha, Naveen Krishna, Harsha, Nandish, Kavya, Suresh, and Archana Jois.

3. Sindhu Kalyan
Sindhu Kalyan, the dazzling on-screen character from Kannada tv, returned to the spotlight with the appear 'Putta Gowri Maduve' after a drawn out nonattendance. Already, she depicted a negative character in the arrangement 'Aramane Gili'. In 'Putta Gowri Maduve', she took on the part of an opponent named Durga, communicating her fervor at being portion of this venture. Her depiction of 'Sagari' on screen inevitably earned her recognition as one of the outstanding reprobates in the domain of small-screen entertainment.

4. Ankita Amar
Ankita is a Kannada performing artist born on May 26, 1994, in Mysore, Karnataka. She completed her graduation from JSS Restorative College, Mysore. Ankita picked up acclaim for her part as Meera in the Kannada every day cleanser ‘Nammane Yuvarani’, where she gathered impressive love from the group of onlookers. In spite of her notoriety, she inevitably cleared out the appear. Furthermore, Ankita has showed up in the Telugu appear ‘Srimathi Srinivas’, depicting the character of Sridevi.

5. Sanya Iyer
Sanya is an on-screen character known for her work fundamentally in Kannada tv appears. She hails from Bangalore and was born on September 21, 1998. Her father is Sudesh K Rao, and her mother is Deepa Iyer. Sanya gone to Carmel School Padmanabhnagar for her tutoring. Coming from a family profoundly established in the amusement industry, her mother is an on-screen character, and her close relative, Roopa Iyer, is a eminent maker in Kannada cinema.

Sanya's acting career started at the age of 3 as a child craftsman. She showed up in various TV appears nearby her mother and too highlighted in movies such as ‘Vimukti’ and ‘Mukha Putta’. Strikingly, she picked up acknowledgment for her part in the serial ‘Putta Gowri Maduve’. Also, Sanya made appearances as a extraordinary visitor on the reality appear ‘Super Minute’.

6. Kavya Yadav

Kavya Yadav, known as 'Bindass Kavya,' is a well known Indian YouTuber and demonstrate famous for her vlogs, travel experiences, and gaming substance on her YouTube channel. With a considerable supporter base, a few of Kavya's recordings have amassed millions of sees. Born on Walk 30, 2004, in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, Kavya credits her father as a solid source of support all through her travel. At first, her father altered a few of her recordings. Kavya started her online nearness by posting brief recordings on TikTok, where she rapidly picked up a huge taking after. Nearby her computerized interests, she too sought after modeling, taking part in the Pantaloons Junior Mold Symbol occasion in 2018. In 2019, Kavya propelled her claim YouTube channel to assist exhibit her inventive endeavors.

7. Namratha Gowda
Namratha Gowda is an Indian tv on-screen character well-regarded by territorial groups of onlookers for her exhibitions in TV appears such as Putta Gowri Maduve. She is noticeably recognized for her critical commitments to Kannada brief movies, tv dramatizations, every day cleansers, and Sandalwood motion pictures, building up herself as a installation in the South Indian film industry for over seven years.

8. Harini Srikanth
Harini Srikanth is a unmistakable figure starting from her country. She is a celebrated performing artist known for her parts in a few Sandalwood movies and tv arrangement. Her eminent commitments to the Kannada Film Industry have earned her impressive approval. She is especially eminent for her depiction in the tv serial Marali Manasagide on Star Suvarna. Born into a affluent family in Karnataka, India, she was raised there by her guardians. She and her family are sincere adherents of Hinduism, genuinely watching its conventions and customs.

9. Ranjani Raghavan
Ranjani Raghavan is a flexible Indian craftsman included in composing, singing, inventive course, modeling, and acting in movies and tv. She is dynamic in the Sandalwood film industry and was born on Walk 29, 1994, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, where she proceeds to dwell today.

10. Ruthu
Ruthu is a South Indian performing artist essentially known for her work in Kannada cinema. Born in a town in Karnataka, she created a energy for acting from a youthful age and sustained dreams of getting to be an on-screen character. She completed her tutoring in Karnataka, effectively partaking in school plays and dramas, where she gathered a few awards. Ruthu hitched Venkatesh in 1999 and at first set out on her career as a magazine show amid college. Her abilities before long pulled in consideration from executives in the South Indian film industry, driving to parts in various serials where she begun as a supporting performing artist. By 2000, she had secured supporting parts in three motion pictures, counting "Swalpa Alter Madkolli".

11. Chandrakala Mohan
Chandrakala Mohan is a flexible South Indian performing artist who works in the Kannada film industry, Kannada tv industry, Tulu film industry, and theater. Hailing from Mandya, Karnataka, she started her tv career in 1995. Over the a long time, she has acted in approximately a thousand shows and more than fifty serials and motion pictures. Chandrakala moreover has a child named Venugopal.

12. Kavyashree
Kavyashree, moreover known as Kavyashree Gowda, is an performing artist and show in the Kannada tv industry. She picked up far reaching acknowledgment as a contender on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9. Kavyashree made her tv make a big appearance in 2012 with the appear "Mangala Gowri," which was broadcast on Colors Kannada. In 2021, she gotten the Anubandha Grant for her commitments to tv. Born on September 6, 1996, in Channapatna, Kavyashree went through less time with her father amid her childhood due to his trade voyages. She moreover has an senior sister. At first, Kavyashree begun her career as a writer some time recently transitioning to acting. Moreover, she worked as a have on a nearby channel.

13. Harini Chandra
Date of Birth: 10-07
Star Sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Language: Kannada
Skills: TV On-screen character, Motion picture Actress

14. Hima
Gender: Female
Language: Kannada

15. Gagan Chinnappa
Gagan Chinnappa, a well known TV performing artist and show, was born on October 11, 1990, in Bangalore, Karnataka. Earlier to joining the TV industry, Gagan worked in a corporate work, but his energy for acting driven him to ended up a full-time performing artist. He is best known for his part in the serial "Mangala Gowri Maduve," once titled "Putta Gowri Maduve" some time recently its renaming in 2019. In this appear, Gagan shared the screen with Kavya Shree, supplanting Rakshith Gowda and Ranjani Raghavan, the unique leads. He too acted nearby Yasashwini, Veena Venkatesh, and Harish Gowda. Gagan's depiction of the cop Rajeev earned him critical approval from the audience.

16. Sameer Puranik
Sameer Puranik started his career as a child performing artist, depicting the part of small Mahesh in the arrangement "Putta Gowri Maduve." His extraordinary execution as junior Mahesha won the hearts of numerous. Presently developed up and strikingly nice looking, Sameer hails from a star-studded family and begun working at a youthful age. He moreover showed up on the reality appear "Super Talktime" with Sanya Iyer, who played junior Gowri in the same arrangement. As of now, Sameer is seeking after his thinks about at a rumored college in Bangalore.

17. Suneel Puranik
Suneel Puranik is a eminent Indian chief, celebrated for his remarkable work in the Kannada industry. He has a foundation in acting, having showed up in teleserials and motion pictures, but presently centers on coordinating and creating inside the Kannada film and tv segments. Also, Suneel serves as the chairman of the Karnataka Chalanchitra Academy.

18. Suchethan Rangaswamy
Suchethan Rangaswamy, born on June 18, 1979, is a Carnatic performer from Bangalore, Karnataka. He is the originator of the Sumadhura Instructive and Social Believe in Bangalore and serves as a guide on the Zee Kannada appear Sa Re Ga Ma Dad. Suchethan gone to Sri Vani Instruction Middle in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore, and graduated from MS College with a bachelor's degree in electrical and hardware designing. Raised in a melodic family, he learned Carnatic music from his mother and started playing the Veena beneath the tutelage of Vid. T. Sharada and Vid. Suma Sudhindra. In expansion to his melodic career, Suchethan is an on-screen character and has showed up in tv cleanser musical dramas. He has too facilitated and created various organize plays and events.

19. Gopal Krishna Deshpande
Gopal Krishna Deshpande is an Indian performing artist known basically for his work in the Kannada film industry. Initially from Northern Karnataka, Gopal shared in an meet, “Although my father, Dhruvraj Deshpande, was a Neenasam graduate and driven a theater troupe called Durvaranga, I had no intrigued in acting.” In spite of this, he has built up himself as a outstanding character performing artist in Kannada cinema. He has showed up in well known movies such as "Mahira" and "Avane Srimannarayana," with his most recent discharge being "Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana" (2020).

20. Shishir Shastry

Shishir Shastry is a Kannada film performing artist who started his career in tv with the cleanser musical drama 'Sose Thanda Sowbhagya' in 2012. He afterward showed up in TV arrangement such as 'Putta Gowri Maduve,' 'Bharathi,' and 'Kulavadhu.' Shishir transitioned to film in 2018 with his make a big appearance in the Kannada motion picture 'Mr. LLB,' discharged on February 16, 2018, coordinated by Raghuvardhan Shravana, and including music by Manju Charan. Co-starring with Lekha Chandra, Shishir has too showcased his gifts as a prepared Kathak dancer.

21. Rakshith Gowda
Rakshith Gowda is a noticeable on-screen character in the Indian film industry, fundamentally known for his work in Kannada tv. Born on May 13 in Southern India, he rose to acclaim with his part as Mahesh in the TV appear 'Putta Gowri Maduve.' His execution earned him far reaching recognition and a expansive fan taking after. In spite of the fact that he cleared out the arrangement to seek after film openings, fan request brought him back to the appear. Rakshith is known for his devotion and ability, continuously endeavoring to convey his best and learn continuously.

22. Mahesha
Mahesha is a unmistakable performing artist in the TV arrangement 'Putta Gowri Maduve,' which circulated on ETV Kannada. The appear delineated the travel of a child bride developing into womanhood, highlighting the complex feelings included. In spite of the fact that the arrangement centered on the female hero, Mahesha's depiction of the bridegroom captivated the gathering of people and earned critical consideration.