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Kathmandu Connection Review

What is the story about?

Kathmandu Connection follows an inquiry set in Bombay blasts in 1993. This series revolves around the unsolved murder of the investigating officer; the kidnapping of a hotel manager and the stalking of a journalist, all leading to a cell phone number to Kathmandu, which is the capital of Nepal.

Kathmandu Connection is regarding three completely diverse characters, Samarth Kaushik (Amit Sial), Shivani Bhatnagar (Aksha Pardasany) and Sunny (Anshumaan Pushkar). Samarth is a high ranking police officer who competently catch criminal, even if it means breaching the legal guidelines. It lands him in trouble, however he doesn’t thinks. Shivani is a high information journalist who a mysterious caller is stalking. And at last, Sunny is an online casino manager in Kathmandu who has ambitions to change into a top criminal in South Asia.


Kathmandu Connection set into take off from the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993. The impressive high worth about Siddharth Mishra’s tightly-wound script is its guaranteed tone. As Samarth and Ritesh plan and plot to frame Sunny and convey him to justice, Mishra and director Sachin Pathak would have you ever believe you’re watching a spying thriller related in tone to no matter Neeraj Pandey places out. There are twists in abundance, however the twist within the series (or season?) finale yanks the carpet beneath your seat, and makes you astonish in regard to the story you have watched. It makes you judge the truth that fact is relative, and what seems on the floor to be a cut-and-dry espionage drama switches tracks to l into a revenge thriller.

The episodes steps forward at a quick pace and the twists are very precisely executed. The script throws up fascinating questions on love, responsibility and emotional manipulation within the period of six episodes, and the finale ends on a be alert that might both be thought of as a last conclusion result or a caution about one thing else.

As soon as we’re halfway through the series, it takes an exceptional turn, with Shivani altering into a grave player within the story. It’s collectively with her character’s incorporation into the events that issues are again on observation. There’s a unified and focused feeling, then. The exciting story continues that manner till the top with a few unexpected twists. It turns apparent after some extent however is nevertheless tidily performed. After the disclosure, issues take a conventional toss.  However one is once more obsessed with a scene or two taking an unexpected route. The ending is episodes, due to this fact, make up for the dragging center.

The Performances?

Amit Sial is consistent since the tormented Samarth, who will get infatuated with justice even when his personal life is falling away. Aksha Pardasany is guaranteed as Shivani, who struggles along with her individual prior at the same time as she flourishes in her career. Anuraag Arora lends ready aid as Mishra, Samarth’s associate. Gopal Dutt is distinguished because the no-nonsense CBI officer Ritesh. Zakir Hussain impresses as Mirza Baig in a cameo role. However it’s finally Anshumaan Pushkar‘s Sunny who turns into the shady horse of this series, with a chameleon-like performance that oscillate between susceptibility and steely resolution.

Concluding Words:

Well as a whole the SonyLIV series comes with twisted screen play and unfolding, and remarkable making design is incredible. The performances are impressive is highlights of the show. The real twist and turns comes following Episode 3 the first half is slightly slow but still it manages to keep you captivated. The twist in the end is very surprising to me and I absolutely urge you to watch this series.