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Khatarnak Kannada Movie Cast, Actress With Photos

Know About Khatarnak Kannada Movie Cast, Actress With Photos
Khatarnak Umesh Reddy

The biographical film tells the story of Umesh, a psychopath who harassed women around Karnataka a few years ago.The tale begins with the childhood days of Umesh (Ravi Kale) and circumstances that pushed him to take to crime

The plot of the film Umesh Reddy is based on the life of serial rapist BA Umesh Reddy, who was given a death sentence.

In the upcoming Kannada film Umesh Reddy, a biographical film based on the same-named serial killer and rapist, Ravi Kale will play the lead role.In the movie, Roopika plays a college student. Aditya Ramesh Reddy is producing the movie, and Malavalli Saikrishna is directing it in addition to penning the story, screenplay, and dialogue.

Umesh Reddy on

Movie Name Khatarnak
Original Language Name ಖತರ‍್ನಾಕ್
Year 2013
Release Date 22nd November 2013

Malavalli Saikrishna

Khatarnak Umesh Reddy Cast & Crew

1. Ravi Kale

Ravi Kale - Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos | BookMyShow


Roopika - IMDb

3.  Sharath  Lohitashwa

Sharath Lohitashwa - IMDb

4.Sadhu Kokila

Sadhu Kokila - IMDb

5.Bullet Prakash

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Which actors play the key roles in Khatarnak Umesh Reddy?

Ravi Kale, directed by Khatarnak Umesh Reddy, had Roopika in the pivotal role.

What day is the release of Khatarnak Umesh Reddy?

On November 22, 2013, The Khatarnak Umesh Reddy was launched in theaters.

Umesh Reddy Khatarnak was directed by who?

Malavalli Saikrishna directed Khatarnak Umesh Reddy.

What is the genre of Khatarnak Umesh Reddy?

The movie Khatarnak Umesh Reddy belonged to the Crime, genre.